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Astronaut journey around the world in a balloon

Russian Astronaut Mitchell Koniuchow set off on Tuesday morning, local time from Australia in a hot air balloon for trip around the world. Journey to the heights from 5-11km and take 2 weeks.

Start a helium-filled balloon “Morton” came from the small town of Northam, 100 km from Perth on the West coast of Australia. At the time of take-off balloon with cradles, designed and prepared by the British company Cameron Balloons.

Balloon weigh around 10 tonnes.

The travel route has ok. 35 thousand. km and from West to East. Aeronaut intends to fly over Australia, the Pacific Ocean, the southern end of South America (Chile and Argentina), then over the Atlantic, South Africa (South Africa) and the Indian Ocean.

Travel stop again in Australia.

This is the route you are defeated in 2002 within 14 days the American Steve Fossett. Koniuchow will try to beat it, but-as you pointed out the head of the company Don Cameron this is not the main goal of the expedition.