Aspirin Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer (Harvard Study)

The researchers found that regular use of aspirin significantly lowers the risk of cancer. This applies in particular to the colon cancer and other cancers of the digestive system.

The discovery published in the “Oncology” suggest that the use of aspirin can complement prevention anti-tumor, but not replace it. Of particular importance is a colonoscopy and other cancer screening methods.

Many people should take aspirin as a means to reduce the risk of cancer. In particular this applies to people who have a different reason to take aspirin. For example Cardiac reasons. We do not recommend the use of aspirin by everyone who simply want to reduce the risk, “said Andrew Chan from Harvard, lead author of the study.

Already earlier studies have shown that regular use of aspirin reduces the risk of colon cancer. So far, however, not examined whether aspirin lowers the overall incidence of cancer. Researchers at Harvard have decided to answer this question.

Why you should keep aspirin closely.

They looked into the values collected over 32 years on more than 136 000. participants. They found that people who regularly use aspirin (at least 2 times a week) were about 3% less likely to be an instance of any type of cancer.

Regular use of aspirin reduces the risk of developing colon cancer by 19%, and any gastrointestinal cancer by 15% of the observed no effect in the case of cancer of the breast, prostate or lung.