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UAE Artificial Mountains, Is there anything they can not do?

U.A.E. (UAE) is considering the construction of an artificial mountain range, in order to increase the amount of precipitation. That also should increase rains in the area.

In the UAE it rains just a couple of days in the year, and its largest cities have huge demand for water. The authorities for some time, wondering what can be done to increase the amount of precipitation. One of the ideas implies the construction of artificial bandwidth. For a few months a thorough examination of this issue will be releasing the American National Center for Atmospheric Research. In a report, you specify its its characteristics.

The top may prove to be the most effective and safest way to increase the amount of precipitation. Once “built” could fulfill its role for years to come.

The UAE must somehow handle. The more that the State intends to retain its status and attractiveness even after stocks of crude oil will parish, which will not be so easy. On the studies of the possible methods of increasing precipitation spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.