“Day, in which the computer wrote a novel” by Artificial Intelligence

It would seem that it will be many years before artificial intelligence for good will in our lives. In Japan, an advanced artificial intelligence, wrote a book and have gone through the first stage of the national literary contest.

A short story written by AI Future University Hakodate titled “day, in which the computer wrote a novel”, qualified for the final of this year’s literary contest Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award. Scientists who coded artificial intelligence to give a set of words and sentences, the computer had to create an absorbing story.

The judges very well described the novel written by the computer. According to their sophisticated tastes, lacking only a deeper description of the form. It is influenced by the lack of winning.

Literary prize. Shinichiego Hoshi in 2013 has been established on the part of one of the most prominent Japanese science fiction writers. This year the contest has been 1450 titles, of which 11 were coauthored by computers. You can expect that in the future this type of projects will be even more, because the competition rules do not prohibit the participation of machines, animals or aliens.