Army Combat Drones Printed on Demand

Drones with specific parameters created under a specific task could significantly facilitate the work of the troops in the field. To solve the problems of logistics, related to the provision of many different drones. the army, the U.S. Army is testing a more practical solution.This project is part of experiments Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments that rely on the testing in the field of technology only in the very early stages of the project.

The idea behind this particular idea is a combination of 3D and printing functionality of drones ensuring the support from the army.

Military drones can be used for a variety of purposes area recognition, surveillance, research space for weapons of mass destruction or the supply of drugs. This entails different specifications. Army Research Laboratory’s Vehicle Technology Directorate (ARL) has designed software that allows soldiers to create a drone targeted strictly at the mission.

Photo provided by the Mesa County, Colo.
Photo provided by the Mesa County, Colo.

After the introduction of the requirements to a computer creates a three dimensional model of drone. Then the 3D printer performs the main elements and military logistics is engaged in searching for other parts in stock the whole thing is made in less than 24 hours of notification of the purposes of the mission.

Unfortunately this is not a solution that quickly finds application in the army. The developers admit that it should accelerate the pace of print and find more durable materials, the technology really has proved to be in military terms.