Apple Crack iPhones for FBI

A California judge has fined the technology group Apple to do this to help the FBI, to unlock the iPhone of an assassin. Apple CEO Tim Cook defends itself against the introduction of a back door to crack the password.The background: on December 2nd, 2015, the 28 year-old Syed Rizwan Farook killing 14 people along with his 27-year old wife Tashfeen Malik in the California San Bernardino, another 22 were injured. The pair should have sympathized with the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).

Both bombers were killed in a shootout with the police. Since this brutal terrorist act, employees of the FBI try in vain to crack the iPhone by Syed Rizwan Farook, evaluate the data stored at. Last week FBI boss James Corney said before the U.S. Senate authority could not decrypt the Smartphone: “it’s been two months now, and we’re working still on it.”

Arrangement only refers to this iPhone

Yesterday a US Court has ordered now that the iPhone maker Apple must provide “adequate technical assistance” in cracking the password to unlock of the phone the authorities. It’s mainly the lifting of the security function, which deletes all data on your Smartphone, if an incorrect password is entered ten times. The arrangement refers to according to the California judge Shery Pym explicitly that “iPhone 5C, model: A1532, P/N: MGFG2LL/A, S / N: FFMNQ3MTG2DJ, IMEI: 358820052301412, on the Verizon network”.

Disable delete function for Bruce-force attack

Apple need to disable this automatic delete function, regardless of whether Farook has or not adjusted them on his iPhone. Not knowing whether this function is enabled, the investigators of the FBI they have ventured so far still no attempt to enter passwords.

In addition to Apple the FBI enable, passwords, digital, so not by hand, on the device to enter. So the FBI can start a so-called Bruce-force attack. This automatically millions of password combinations.

A good password may remain for ten years

It is questionable whether the warrant can really help the officials to get to the personal data of the terrorists. Because the iPhone 5C 9 is installed after details of the Washington Post the operating system iOS. Matthew Green, Professor of cryptography in which John Hopkins University, opposite the Washington Post said a six-digit numerical code could be cracked in 22 hours. But strong password consisting of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters in the extreme case of ten years.

Apple defends itself against the back door for the iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded with a sharp statement just a few hours after the announcement of the Court ruling: “the Government wants something from us, that we do not possess and that we consider too dangerous to create it. You ask us to do so, to provide a backdoor for the iPhone.” This backdoor is a way with the investigating authorities on presentation of a judicial statement, can erode all backup functions.

Cook warns against ships around the safety precautions

“The FBI wants from us, that we develop a new version of the iPhone operating system, sail around several important safety precautions”, writes the Apple CEO. And this software which currently does not exist if she ends up in the wrong hands, could crack any any iPhone. “Once available, this technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices”, stressed Tim Cook.

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