Apple Celebrates 40th birthday as Most valuable company in the world

iMac, iPhone and OS X are in a celebratory mood because Apple will be 40 years old on April 1. Reason enough, UPS and downs of the world’s most valuable company to look back, with the 1976 began the era of the personal computer.

There is a white garage, which became a myth of the computer industry in Los Altos in the United States. Why? Because is in 1971 two high school friends barricaded to revolutionize the technology world: the electronics genius Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, although no inventors, but a visionary who wanted to change the world with computer technology.

Apple co-founder of Steve Jobs (l.) and the former Apple President John Sculley, introduce the first Macintosh computer on January 24, 1984, before a meeting with shareholders. Photo: UPI/AP

Five years of developing and wrenching together later the friends brought the first Apple computer for $666,66 was placed on the market, which only consisted of the main circuit board without housing and keyboard. The Apple II with plastic housing and color graphic map, which ushered in the era of the personal computer and offered a first alternative to established mainframes followed a year later. IBM, Intel and Microsoft had set still no foundation for their PCs at this time.

Today, Apple has a stock market value of $ 580 billion $

Already after a short time on the market, Apple enjoyed considerable success. in 1978 the company was 7.8 million $, IPO 1980 sales was already on 117 million $ grown. Further to rise, jobs hired away three years later the PepsiCo Manager John Sculley with a legendary question: “you want to sell sugar water the rest of your life or want to take the chance and change the world?”

Law should keep jobs, Apple has actually changed the technology world in the last 40 years. Today the company with 110,000 employees and a stock market value of $ 580 billion is $ the most valuable companies in the world.

Close on the heels, currently only the Google’s parent company is alphabet.

But about it not always ran in the history of the cult group. When 1984 introduced the legendary box-shaped Apple Macintosh jobs, also using mouse left, responded the market not so positive as desired. This was followed by a losing streak and finally a large dispute between Sculley and Jobs, the 1985 finally that threw the gun into the grain, left Apple, and shortly thereafter founded his new company next.

Tony Avelar
FILE – An original Apple computer, now known as the Apple-1, which was designed and hand-built in 1976 by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is shown at a press preview at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, USA, 24 June 2013. Photo: EPA/TONY AVELAR

Then Sculley faced with frustrating figures. After the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 95, Apple’s market share at a low single-digit percentage range shrank in August 1995, in 1996, the Group finally made a net loss of 1 billion $ and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Paradox: Microsoft invested 150 million $ in Apple

What then made the crucial turning point? That succeeded the former Apple CEO Gilbert Amelio to buy up the company next and bring Jobs, next back in the boat as a consultant came also the know-how for the operating system OS X. As a consultant, jobs felt but not well.

He therefore a year later unceremoniously ousted Amelio from the post of Managing Director and won Microsoft boss Bill Gates of 1997 as a partner, 150 million $ invested in competitors. Why? It is believed that had gates that wanted to placate antitrust guardians, Microsoft for its business practices in the browser wars against Netscape in its sights.

Jobs in any case again had wind in its sails and brought the first iMac on the market, which found many buyers thanks to its exceptional design and its focus on the Internet in 1998. 2001 the mobile MP3 player, tragoudi alliotiko iPod, which offered an alternative to the illegal downloads iTunes music platform and moved even the attention of record labels to.

The design scene startled jobs then in 2002 when he presented the iMac G4, a desktop Mac whose monitor is connected using a movable arm with a round base.

Apple makes 68% of its turnover with the iPhone

In January 2007, the biggest coup came Steve Jobs when he presented the first iPhone in San Francisco. It should vigorously mix the mobile communications sector. Today more than a billion Apple devices in use worldwide, most of them have iPhones. Apple owes the Smartphone now 68% of its turnover. The Group has to develop even a robot named Liam that dismantled the equipment for recycling.

The last coup from the home of jobs was slightly less successful, the Apple iPad, the visionary 2010 presented at the advanced stage of his cancer. After his death, Tim Cook took over the top post in October 2011. And even if the world has lost an icon with jobs, Apple-maniacs worldwide still waiting news of the group.