Apartments For Cyclists In Malmö

Apartments for cyclists in Malmö

Bicycle tent continue at Cykelhuset Ohboy apartments. And in a multi-storey tenement house in Malmö, which is soon not only allowed, but downright desirable to have a bike with you everywhere you go. What is it about the House just for bikers.

In the Swedish city of Malmö is just a paradise for lovers of mobility on two wheels. The Cykelhuset Ohboy is a House that consistently is tailored to the needs of urban bicycle mobility. It has seven floors and offers space for 55 apartments and 33 motel rooms.

The Swedish metropolis with 300,000 inhabitants is considered the most bicycle-friendly city in Sweden. In 28 crossings cyclists patches. The cycling network is well developed with approximately 500 km. Target local politics is covered until 2018 and every third inner-city ride by bicycle.

Transport and shopping with bike

So the step to the bicycle-friendly architecture. “You can reach with his bike in his apartment”, emphasizes cord seal by the German-Danish-Swedish architect Hauschild, which has designed the Cykelhuset Ohboy. “If you buy something, you can transport it to his fridge.” This serves a generously dimensioned lift with the tenants can easily take their bikes up to their homes. Especially smart: Like in a hospital open the elevator doors on both sides.

Also thought Out: The corridors and hallways in the building are wide, so that the many bikers come to terms with their wheels doesn’t get in the way. Also transports loads wheels fit easily through the corridors. Good for suppliers: a parcel box in which purchases or returns can be deposited to each apartment belongs.

Wall brackets for the wheels

The 55 apartments are designed for one to four people and have one to five rooms. All have a large balcony, sure to park the bike. Also, wall brackets are mounted in the apartments, to save space and store bicycles. Alternatively, your bike right outside the front door in the Arcade can be connected or kept safe in the bicycle storage room on the ground floor.

Apartments For Cyclists In Malmö

Anyway to get a building permit, the architects had to have a the space key-equivalent mobility concept, which is validated in the context of an evaluation over a period of ten years on its effectiveness.

Location facilitates the Elimination of car

Alternatives to the wheel will be offered to the tenants in the Cykelhuset Ohboy: so they get a membership in the CarSharing provider Sunfleet and a monthly ticket for local public transport. Nine car-sharing stations are located within a radius of 500 m around the Cykelhuset Ohboy.

Also the location of the building makes easy the elimination of the car. There are bike just three minutes to the 1,400 metres from central station. The nearest bus stop is just outside the front door and various supermarkets, bars and restaurants are in the immediate vicinity.

There are parking garages for bicycles in London. You are towers designed as either a glass Tower in the Sky Tower or invisible disappear under the ground. Such a cycle of eco measures just 8.15 m Tower, which extends 11,65 m vertical and still offer space for 204 bicycles

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