Anti-snoring pillows selling like a cupcakes

Stop before you insist on separate bedrooms, there could be another option to rest at night again: with a cushion, which reacts to snoring with vibrations, loud sleeper should be encouraged to take a different position. And the pillow can do even more.

How to explain that within two days from the nearly 680 people for about €95,000 ordered anti-snoring pillows. Thus the expectations, the pillow manufacturer are REM-fit the State of Illinois on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign had already been exceeded by almost 100%.


$50,000 should be to put the serial production of the cushion in motion. There may be still a lot of money: the campaign runs until August 27.

Competition for the anti-snoring mask

The cushion competes with the anti-snoring mask, that American developers and their competitors from Singapore have developed. It provides the Snorer with small amounts of oxygen. You want to help. The cushion, called ZEEQ, begins to vibrate when the integrated electronics suggests a sound that captures an also built-in microphone, as snoring, however, gently.

Foto: Rem-Fit

The vibration move the snorer into different, more comfortable position. Sleeping pillow works immediately.

Music alarm clock is controlled via Bluetooth

The pillow has other qualities. The removable and washable cover is softer than anything ever created sleeper beneath the head, claims the company. In addition to the anti-snoring electronics still a music alarm clock powered by Bluetooth, about by a Smartphone or a radio with appropriate transmission function is located in the cushion. Anyone who wants to can listen to music also to fall asleep. She turns to an individually settable time.

Wake up is of course again with music.

It’s not leaves SEEQ but. In addition, the cushion begins to vibrate. It inspires not exactly at the set time. It has a time window in which it fits down the moment becomes restless sleeper.

This is for the motion sensor, which is also in ZEEQ, an indication that it is time to end the night. This, say the developers, ensures that you feel not right back groggy after waking up. The sleep history including the number of snoring attacks can be documented with a special app.

The lithium-ion battery, which supplies all the electronics, to stay for a week. Then he is recharged via USB, like a Smartphone.