Anonymous promises revenge after Brussels Airport Attack #OpBrussels

Hacktivists group Anonymous Announces assault on the jihadists for the Monday attacks in Belgium. Just as after the events in France, Anonymous placed in the network video instigating Internet users to join the fight against terrorists.

“We will not rest until the terrorists will not give up their activities. We will hack their websites off Twitter accounts and defend the freedom of every citizen, “promise in the web movie anonymous. “We have a message for people to support an Islamic State: We will hunt. We are everywhere. All Internet users can help in the fight against d┼╝ihadystami ” by adding at the end of the message.

Web-based campaign to fight against the Islamic State is called #OpBrussels.

Similar threats against the terrorists appeared after the November attacks in Paris. It is difficult to clearly assess the effects of the “battle” of the Islamic State of hacktivists. Then haktywists posted: “war has been declared. Anonymous will hunt you all over the world. Know that you will find you”. The war in cyberspace has to block accounts on Twitter as time was about to find account was attacked not having much to do with terrorism.

A total of more than 5 liquidated Anonymous.

Anonymous, however, have achieved some success-on-line clue hacktivists failed to American company CloudFlare dealing with security. One of its services is support for endangered DDoS attacks (more about this company to write attacks here). In short, this coordinated DDoS “wave” go to a specific address. Most sites will not sustain such an attack this method use also by anonymous.

Cloudflare provides this type of service to many companies doing it completely legally. The owners of the CloudFlare probably were not aware that one of their clients are parties having something to do with Islamic State.