Anonymous Hacker Group made another mistake?

According to several media reports the hacker group of anonymous has in recent days paralyzed while thousands of Twitter and other accounts online, but also many innocent users were catch in this fight. Allegedly, the Cyber-collective has can turn into a cyberwar.

USA Anonymous
The hacking group of anonymous has announced the cyberwar IS and has become active. The collective has done damage but apparently many other Internet users.

The threat sounded so martial, as it is only the sound of the Islamists themselves. Fighters all over the world would chase the enemy, massive attacks would follow. It is questionable whether the corresponding YouTube video made impression of the hacker group of anonymous, which has been published by Paris shortly after the attacks, terrorists IS. A first assessment of the anti-terror war in the network is anyway.

20,000 Twitter accounts suspended, Anonymous Hacker Group made another mistake?

Of the 20,000 Twitter accounts blocked by the hacker the majority have nothing to do with the ISIS (ISIS website) , it is said, for example, in the U.S. trade magazine Ars Technica. The identities behind the accounts were already long offline partly whether users who simply dealing with the subject.

The numerous accounts that have been discovered, seem to be the result of a simple keyword query. And also the company Twitter, this method is not good enough. A company spokesperson said it does not edit the lists sent by anonymous according to the blogs daily dot.

Reportedly blocked funds

The reports on virtual collateral damage in the cyberwar now apparently called anonymous activists on the plan. You reported the exposure of online bank accounts, which total $3 million would be, that IS can use for terror.

It’s hard to say whether this information now agree. On the one hand, it is indisputable that there are highly skilled hacker at work as anonymous. On the other hand is the grouping of namen – and blank on the road is on the net, too hard to control. Who sits on one of the typical comic masks and turns a video, can claim much.

Anonymous has the exposure reported by online bank accounts, which total $3 million should be available, that IS use for terror. And claims to have blocked the accounts.
Anonymous has the exposure reported by online bank accounts, which total $3 million should be available, that IS use for terror. And claims to have blocked the accounts.

Splinter groups of anonymous

Anonymous Hacker Group made another mistake? While there are some contacts with journalists, maintained by the group. However, is difficult to assess who’s just talking, because there are a number of splinter groups and rival hackers committed to as well the terror fight. Among them is the ghost security group, which claims to secretly gather information about the ISIS. “Spy instead of disclosing” is their strategy. It says anonymous destroy only sources of information, however, with his approach at the group.

How to shut down disputed accounts.

Anyway, many experts doubt that it is an effective strategy to lock accounts. The intensive use of the Messenger service telegram ISIS trailers already shows that are the terrorists able to find alternatives. Also the number of freeloaders at anonymous seems now so great, that comes after the Group barely even with denials. Most recently, she had to contest that she have warned against concrete attack plans in the United States and Italy.