Announcement: Earth’s Rotation and Reference Systems (IERS)

The international service of the Earth’s Rotation and Reference Systems (IERS) today announced in his newsletter, that at the end of this year added an extra second. Unfortunately, it can be very problematic and model of previous years we must expect a lot of trouble.

The second leap, because it is called the extra second is added in order to synchronize the time used on the earth over time. This year it will be added after the last second of the last minute December 31. The minute will therefore had uniquely 61 seconds. The change relates to universal time, so it will be in EU just before the first night, 1 January 2017.

So far, the leap second added 26 times, last June 30, 2015. It was introduced because the earth revolves on its axis in an ideal way, because of the mass movements in the Interior of the planet, the impact of the Moon and other factors influence our globe does not move continuously on the same trajectory. In relation to the atomic clocks this causes delay, amounting to around 1.5-2 milliseconds per day, which translates into a need to add from time to time an affordable second.

How many problems can cause one second delay

Increase the time only about one second in no way will affect the man. What’s different, however, from the machines. Computers synchronize their clocks to the nearest tenths and hundredths of seconds. This extra seconds can cripple the work of many computer systems, or at least lead to errors.

Errors from the past, changing time is a danger game. Before the first night, 1 January 2017

Many physicists and scientists is opposing adding this one second, because it is the scourge for all new technology. Seconds added at irregular intervals, and therefore you cannot advance program the appropriate adjustments.

Earth’s Rotation and Reference Systems (IERS) complicate all google¬†timeframes

One of the biggest hit by second leap was Google. In 2005, the obedience refused to part of the servers. To prevent this situation, now Google extends the second installment, adding its hundredth part, which computers “no notice”. However, this strategy is uncertain and likely to fail. Subsequent changes to the crashes suffered by many websites-for hours not available were for example. Foursquare and LinkedIn. There was also a possibility of booking air tickets, because the damage has been one of the most popular systems used by most airlines-Amadeus. In Australia were cancelled 400 flights because passenger check-in system was not working. The problem is also a satellite navigation systems. The second is an eternity, which can lead to disaster. Their operators have decided, therefore, in General, do not use the time correction. However, this is not a good solution. If the GPS system time differs by tens of seconds, which is used for example. by air traffic controllers, it’s about the potential for trouble is much easier.

Like only seconds, but the events of the past show that can happen a lot. Better this time avoid for example. elevator rides and does not plan to travel by plane.