American Girl Sells Secure Passwords

Very pretty enterprising: An a American girl operates an own online shop. Passwords are sold. Sure and catchy at the same time they should be. Read here how Mira which modes.

American Girl Sells Secure Passwords
Mira Modi Sells on the Internet secure passwords for two dollars. The customer will receive the “goods” by mail.

What should be first of all only an improvement of pocket money, has developed modes at Mira a proper business. On, she sold their hand-created passwords. They are sent by mail.

The most important hand tool: CUBEĀ – American Girl Sells Secure Passwords

Mira used the so-called Diceware method from New York City to create a secure password. To roll several words from a special word list, randomly. She used a normal cube, as we know him from game collections here. She rolls five times for every single word. The numbers are then added together to a five-digit number. For the number, there is a corresponding word that is a part of the password phrase from the word list.

American Girl Sells Secure Passwords
The material for Miras business idea: The investment costs are low.

The whole process should be carried out five to six times. Complete set of password should have at least at least six words or but five words and a sign, Arnold G. Reinhold, the developer said. Strong passwords are still easy to remember can be created with this method. For hackers, they should be hard to crack because they are extremely long and contain random words from the dictionary.

Password mail

Who wants to have it even safer, used seven words and more. This password may be safe until the year 2030. For the transmission of the password to the customer, Mira has opted for shipping. She thinks the safest. Because letters only with an official search warrant must be opened in the United States.

But she advises users of the passwords, immediately upon their receipt to make a small change, such as adding a symbol or a number.

The business idea of the eleven developed her mother, the journalist and author Julia Angwin from a first simple request. She had asked her daughter to help her during the research for a new book and to roll the dice some passwords.

“This whole concept of making their own passwords, which are then super safe and so, I think my friends do not understand that, but I think, that’s cool”, so the victory compared to Ars Technica.

American Girl Sells Secure Passwords
The material for Miras business idea: The investment costs are low.

She started selling their passwords to the book visions of her mother. But the sales not fast enough was Mira. And so she is just now has its own online-shop set up. There, you can order a secure password for whole two dollars.

Sold 30 passwords

So far, she has sold 30 passwords. The reports about their business idea will soon get her more work. Ultimately anyone can create yourself such a password, Mira explains. You must spend enough time and patience for this. There, two dollars are perhaps good invested.