Amazon Engineered Vertical Landing Rocket

A rocket that lands vertically on Earth after flight height of 100 km? Blue origin has done it. The aerospace company of from Amazon founder of Jeff Bezos has trumped the competition from SpaceX so. As Bezos introduces the commercial space of the future.

Amazon Engineered Vertical Landing Rocket
Has not succeeded so far the competitors of SpaceX, vertically landing a rocket after the flight. Here to see the image, the moment is new Shepard just before placing the missile.

But extraordinary: The Launcher not burning up in the atmosphere, but flies back to Earth and Lands vertically. That work, because it is the engineers have managed to operate the engine BE-3 even at 20% of the maximum torque – at the most other engines the combustion under 30% becomes unstable.

Reason to celebrate: first successful return – Amazon Engineered Vertical Landing Rocket and all went well on test side. Its a new area for Space Turism.

In the video the blue origin staff can pop the corks after landing in Texas. Because it is the first time that this maneuver succeeded. “A controlled landing is not easy – but can easily look when it is done right,” Jeff Bezos commented on the test flight. The Amazon founder is a space fan and has diverted part of his multi-billion fortune to buy blue origin, a company founded 15 years ago.

Foto: Blue Origin
Amazon Engineered Vertical Landing Rocket, Foto: Blue Origin

Goal: Space Tourists can enjoy in the future some minutes weightlessness and a unique look at the blue planet for a six-figure U.S. dollar amount.

The triumph is a bitter pill for Elon Musk

Also, Elon Musk congratulated Bezos to success. However, it is a bitter pill for the founder of Tesla. Because he also tried to this maneuver with his aerospace company SpaceX, has so far always failed.

That’s why he lets it also not take into perspective the triumph of blue origin in a Tweet: “It is important to make it clear that there is a difference between space and orbit.”

What he means by that? While blue origin scratching so far only on the border of space, the missions of SpaceX are far more demanding. Bring the rockets into orbit and the transport capsules, to the international space station ISS.

Amazon Engineered Vertical Landing Rocket---
The new Shepard is flown at an altitude of 100 km and there has decoupled the space capsule which then braked to a stop safely landed by three parachutes on the Earth. In the future, space tourists to can experience this way weightlessness. Photo: Blue origin

Bezos also intends to launch major operation. In September, he announced to withdraw at the end of the decade from Florida a larger two-stage rocket.

SpaceX rockets wrecked so far on country trials

The vertical landing will succeed so far simply SpaceX. In April 2015, the second attempt to land on a platform in the sea a Falcon9 rocket failed – for country landings, the company so far has no approval.

Amazon Engineered Vertical Landing Rocket----
Amazon founder of Jeff Bezos – with Hat and bottle of champagne – you can pop the Cork upon successful landing. Its competitor Elon Musk bites out his so far the teeth on this complicated landing maneuver.

Because the lateral acceleration was too high, the 60 million tipped $ expensive rocket to the landing and crashed. “The impact was just too hard,” musk commented on the failed maneuver. Now SpaceX stumbled about in search it, continue to reduce the speed of the missile and maintain the optimum angle of the country.