Almost 1 million Daimler Curtain Airbags Scandal

The damage caused by defective airbags of the manufacturer TAKATA is getting worse. There are Almost 1 million Daimler curtain airbags that will not work properly during accident. Now, Daimler also must call 840,000 cars in the garage and replace the airbags. You can burst easily, distribute hazardous metal parts and should have caused ten fatalities. About 60 million cars worldwide are affected.

840,000 US models of Mercedes are affected by the recall. An action which around 340 million euros will cost Daimler according to their own estimate. At a profit for the year 2015, estimated to date to around nine billion euros that is although bearable, but the ongoing technical problems with TAKATA airbags for growing uncertainty among customers.

Tenth death toll from TAKATA airbag end of 2015

There’s enough for that reason. The world’s tenth death which goes back to the defects in TAKATA airbags according to U.S. Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA occurred until the end of December last year. A man died in a Ford Ranger in 2006 in South Carolina in an accident with his pickup truck.

Preparation of a crash test in the TAKATA factory in Saxony
Preparation of a crash test in the TAKATA factory in Saxony. Now, because the air bags can explode Daimler will have to call 840,000 cars in the United States in the workshop.

Cause was tear of the inflator which should quickly inflate the air bag in collision. This metal parts that can cause serious injuries to occupants removed partly without external influence. A woman was hit on the head and thus went blind in one eye. In the United States alone 10 people due to these technical problems had died.

New callback on VW, Audi and BMW

End of January, the NHTSA announced that there would be more callbacks, which would affect a total of probably around five million vehicles. Including also models the German manufacturer Volkswagen, Audi and BMW should be in addition to many others. That alone Daimler recalls 840,000 cars and vans, an indication might be that the number is even higher.

Japanese Transport Ministry said “already 24 million cars in the workshops were ordered in the United States. Around the world, 60 million cars with the faulty airbags are equipped.”. An incredible number. And it is also amazing that TAKATA has any customers.

Although individual manufacturer have communicated in future to refrain from TAKATA airbags still reports the manufacturer on an expansion of its production capacity and expects a profit of five billion yen, equivalent to about 38.5 million in the current fiscal year, which ends in March.

Currently, the automaker even bear the costs for the callbacks. However, it is assumed that there will soon be demand at TAKATA. Honda, the TAKATA’s largest customer, has already started talks with the company. However, the low winning amount shows arise now that the company not even in a position to assume part of the cost of 340 million euros, the Daimler.

Daimler Products
Daimler Products

The total cost of the global callbacks go but in the billions. In other words: the producers sit at their expense.

BMW has recalled 2015 400,000 cars for airbag problems

After the accident in South Carolina, TAKATA has admitted that there are problems in the affected model of his inflator. Before the manufacturer of the authority had but shortcomings in another model reported – forced, because in investigations in the framework of a Toyota recall four of these devices exploded.

Still, other German manufacturers have not expressed to concrete consequences of current developments. So far, especially BMW from the problems at TAKATA was affected. Last year, the Munich called more than 400,000 cars in the workshops in the United States. Search for the exact causes of the defects for years, German scientists are involved.