Thousands of original photos from the Apollo Missions

Thousands of original photos from the Apollo Missions

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see the latest archive containing almost 8400 original Apollo Mission photos. Not subjected to any treatment of digital images taken during the Apollo missions, we invite you to a unique journey to the age of 60 and 70s of the last century.

Vast collection was called Project Apollo Archive, and the developer is working for NASA scientist Kipp Teague, who over a collection of works already more than 15 years. Interestingly, most of the photos that have been posted in the Gallery, a scanned frames from the famous Hasselblad cameras, which the astronauts used in the course of the mission.

Photos are available on Flickr so you can find at a resolution up-to 1800 dpi. Quality is very much enjoying and is rising the questions how is possible that HD cameras used for this mission gave so bad results. NASA began the tedious process of scanning these frames at the beginning of 2004, That gave over 12 years for preparations… interesting, isn’t it? From now on in the global network began to appear worked digitally photos that can be manipulated, by which they were unreliable.

Therefore, now NASA has decided to provide the originals, to all interested missions of conquest of the Silver Globe can see with their own eyes what they saw famous all over the world the American astronauts.

All Apollo Mission Photos

Unfortunately, so far not published all the photos and probably won’t see them any time soon. As Kipp Teague, all by “too high scanning costs”. The main thing that gallery, which you can see here, it is also in the public domain, so anyone can freely use.

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