Aliens Solar Size Structure in KIC8462852 System

Star KIC8462852 is located between the constellations Cygnus and Lyra, 1,5k light years from Earth. For several years we know that strangely dim. Initially it was thought that overrides it passing next to the planet. But it’s unlikely. The star dims too much compared with other (loses up to 20% of the glow) and quite irregularly.

Natural explanation start with a little of Habble help. At the beginning of the thought that it might be a Protoplanetary Disk. A gigantic structure, made up of cosmic debris, the remnants of the formation of a star that could theoretically call on her strange behavior. Except that this star does not have such a disk. It’s as if mature milk teeth at the forties. Some suspect that she could find a cloud of comets, which can sometimes take a colossal size. She could call the irregular-translated into the pages Charles Wójcicki from the Copernicus Science Centre.

There may be some life, and structure looks incredibly advance for natural formation

Researchers from the Yale Universities and Penn State look into recent the concept from the 1950s, which implies the presence of an alien civilization. It comes to the so-called. Dyson sphere, which described the physicist and futurist Freeman Dyson. Theory says that anyone encapsulates the star mega-structure, in order to benefit from its power. Sphere would have to be in the process of building, because you can see a little star.

Dyson sphere
Photo: Dyson Sphere

Now researchers from the University of Iowa cooling this fervor. They took the workshop data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, which belongs to NASA. Claim that it has allowed to draw new conclusions. Kepler telescope, which uses the previously “sees” the star in ordinary light, the Spitzer infrared. They believe that the strange behavior of KIC8462852, can match the comet.

Dyson Sphere

A Type I Civilization has the ability to use all of the energy on their planet. We’re not quite a Type I Civilization, but we’re close (Carl Sagan created a formula for this scale which puts us at a Type 0.7 Civilization).

A Type II Civilization can harness all of the energy of their host star.

Our feeble Type I brains can hardly imagine how someone would do this, but we’ve tried our best, imagining things like a Dyson Sphere.

Their observations make us believe that the star after a very long irregularly shaped orbit traveling family of comets. At the head of the swarm can be exceptionally large Comet and it obscures the light of a star.