WhatsApp Wants To Transfer User Data To Facebook
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Alert: WhatsApp wants to transfer user data to Facebook!

Consumer advocates have warned off WhatsApp due to the new terms of use and privacy policy. Her accusation: Since the end of August the Messenger service forces its users to allow the transmission of your data to Facebook. Contradiction is only conditionally possible. And that’s true. Therefore our Tip: who wants to protect themselves from the data Octopus from inside Facebook, must acknowledge the WhatsApp service.

The market guardian team of consumer advice centre WhatsApp urged off: “WhatsApp wants to transfer its users such as mobile phone numbers to the mother company of Facebook data, regardless of whether they have a Facebook account or not,”it says in a release published yesterday. Consumers who use WhatsApp nor Facebook should also be affected: if their phone numbers in the contacts of a WhatsApp customers were stored, also that of the entire Facebook group.

Resistance is futile, taking without consent of personal data is a normal procedure for FB

Modified terms of use and privacy policy made possible the end of August. The lawyer Christopher Kunke of the consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia is convinced: “WhatsApp touts in its terms and conditions so that, to protect the privacy of the users. But of no speech can be our opinion at the latest since the new terms and conditions.” Tomorrow, WhatsApp now has time to make a cease and desist, otherwise the consumer advocates threaten with a lawsuit.

After all, informed the Consumer Council, existing customers of WhatsApp of to transfer of their data for advertising purposes can contradict – at least up to 30 days after they were asked to agree to the revised terms of use and privacy policy. Under the menu item “Account” in the “settings” whatsapp you should disable “Share my account info” the point in this sense.

This option however no longer appeared in the preferences of the author of this entry. For readers, took her then to purchase, that all your WhatsApp chats have been deleted, and dared to delete your WhatsApp account completely. This is possible via the WhatsApp settings. After a new application she had then also again the opportunity to contradict at least the use of their data for advertising purposes on Facebook. And it’s like this:

Click not equal to “Agree”, but first of all on the small link “Read” in the text of the communication on the modification of the terms of use and privacy policy. You then have the opportunity to put a check mark or the slider when it comes to utilizing their WhatsApp data for advertising purposes on Facebook to “Disabled”. It should be however noted: whether and how long the company adheres to this “promise”, written in the stars.

Ultimately doesn’t matter anyway. As Facebook that bought company WhatsApp for $19 billion, the excitement and the concern for the privacy of WhatsApp customers before Facebook were great. It had manifested WhatsApp founder Jan Koum until shortly before the takeover in an interview published by focus: “… our model is Yes just not to know as much as possible about our users and to collect data. We know only his phone number. But we do not store the messages. We know neither the names of our users nor their age, their sex or their address. We don’t know how they spend their money, where they live or what they eat. Not interested also about us. We want to know as little as possible.”

Tip: Switch to Messenger with open source code

So much for credibility. The author of this entry says: want to protect themselves from the data Octopus WhatsApp, it must resign are five good reasons for a change of Messenger at hand, with which the WhatsApp friends could move to pull with willing to quit.

By the way: The Threema Messenger called as alternative to WhatsApp published his source code. But insured only to check the code internally regularly and carefully. What makes the company but with the data of Threema users, can check also here no one. With Messenger services that disclose their source, the clientele is very much better off – at least, what’s the use of their data.

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