Alcohol: direct cause of cancer (WHO)

Oral, larynx, esophagus, liver, colon, rectal and breast cancer. Recent studies indicate that these cancers can be called directly by alcohol, even if it is consumed in moderation.

Analysis of the results of many studies in recent years carried out by WHO, the International Agency for Research on Cancer or World Cancer Research Fund, which conducted the scientists from New Zealand, indicates clearly that alcohol consumption is a direct cause of these seven forms of cancer, but can also be other, but here we lack the data to be able to definitively conclude. However, it is more and more evidence that alcohol can cause skin cancer, prostate or the pancreas, and the dependency is in any case directly proportional. For most of the population more alcohol is higher risk of a disease.

This is an important discovery because the surprising in the public consciousness because alcohol is not associated with cancer, and it is only if we think of the devastated. Alcohol may lead to other diseases of the liver, heart or pancreas.

Can we drink safely?

Scientists now believe that for men this quantity should be 14 units a week, this gives about 7 beers.