Alarming Lakes in Antarctica

Langhovde glacier in Antarctica East appear mysterious lake. Got them when reviewing satellite images from the years 2000-2013. It turns out that there are more than 8 thousand of them.

Alarming Lakes in Antarctica
Photo: NASA

So far, scientists were of the opinion that the eastern part of the ice sheet of Antarctica the most should therefore be repealed to climate change. Average air temperature does not grow there as soon as the northernmost Antarctic Peninsula.

However, the emergence of so many lakes indicates that something in ice-land is changing and it is very disturbing. A similar phenomenon is observed for several years also in Greenland.

In 2013, the radar he exemplified the giant Lake, which is just a 5 to 50 meters below the surface of the ice cap. Its surface is 70 thousand square kilometers, which makes them up twice from California.

The Lake filled with 140 billion tons of fresh water may, at any time, wholly drain into the Atlantic. The only firewall are ice walls, that is impossible.

Similar processes may occur also in Antarctica. Although on the surface, the changes are small, but beneath the surface of the ice can be very large and run until completely unnoticed.