AirMule Israeli dozen drones for 3000 soldiers

The Israeli drone of rescue AirMule has successfully completed her first free flight. In the future, she wounded from war or disaster areas to pick and bring aid in inaccessible area.

Actually, AirMule looks like a futuristic war machine. But their purpose is to be the exact opposite: people save. With its tremendous payload the drone developed in Israel per usage to can carry two injured or bring also a half ton auxiliary material in crisis areas.

Israeli dozen drones for 3000 soldiers
In the Israeli desert, AirMule has completed its first free test flight on 30 December 2015.

Developed is the drone with the Israeli company of tactical robotics, daughter of the private aviation firm urban aeronautics. AirMule is a variant for export, their single product. One, whose toys seemed very uncertain in the last year, because in an accident the prototype was badly damaged. “It took months us”, reveals tactical Robotics in amazing openness.

A dozen drones for 3000 soldiers

But now AirMule, the flying load donkey was allowed (Mule = Mule), for the first time without mechanical backup from the floor stand out. This test around the turn of the year was so well that the manufacturer wants to publicly demonstrate the special abilities of the drone later this year. And you are not.


The aircraft could deliver his load within a 50 km radius and return, and that without new fueling up to twelve times in a day, so that a single drone can carry up to six tons. A unit with ten to twelve AirMule was able to provide 3,000 troops in the war effort and to take with all dead and wounded.

Difficult to identify for radar

A drone for such purposes must be of course no easy target. Thanks to the rotors that are hidden for the most part in the hull, Airmule is hard to make out, for enemy radar says the manufacturer. Its technical “footprint” amounts to only a fraction of a small helicopter.

Israeli dozen drones for 3000 soldiers
Up to 500 kg payload transport the drone. Photo: Tactical Robotics

The drone that can launch vertically, is built not only for military purposes. If, for example, villages are cut off after earthquakes or floods from the outside world, she should provide medicine or food and to attain these goals, do not fly the helicopter. An everyday use is also possible according to the manufacturer during the technical inspection of bridges or the spraying of fields.