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Airbus wants to stock humans during long flights.

Airbus has applied for a patent to make better use of aircraft: passengers can do without a seat and put instead into a sleeping capsule – nothing for people with claustrophobia. Second idea: Over the heads of the passengers could be installing a second row of seats in the middle yet.

Stacking Passengers  in bunks is a good idea? Do we pay extra in planes for sitting places?

As yet in some hostels, barracks and sleeper train to be arranged one above the other in the tail of the aircraft two or three beds. The berths are padded and equipped with a monitor, so that the lying passengers can participate in the in-flight entertainment system. In the two-story version, the dormant can also sit down.

The small hotel chain "9 hours" in Japan already offers in its three small hotels berths on. For those sleeping cabins Airbus now has applied for a patent. Then to three passengers are superimposed, its own seat on the airplane have not lying passengers.

And what comes to the idea in the public? In the online portal The Verge, the planners of the berths, the engineers at Airbus in Hamburg, who have the patent application filed in the US in early October, referred to by online commentators as sadists. Some may find the idea of ​​sleeping in the sky a few hours, very sexy. During a forced landing or even a crash of one of the commentators will however not get stuck in the capsule.

The drawings, which are included in Airbus’ patent application for the United States, still show more ideas on how you can accommodate more passengers in the aircraft. Apart from the berths at the most unusual are probably the seats that are to be installed above the passengers’ heads. Especially in the middle of the machine is still space, which you could use.But even in the seat assembly is still room when you can sit opposite the passengers and thus the distances can still reduce. The sketches can be found in the gallery.

An armrest for two neighbors

One might passengers differently arrange space-saving, believe designers of seats manufacturer Zodiac Seats France: Each three places form a unit. Two of them are directed forward, the middle back – or vice versa. In this concept, there is only one armrest for two neighbors – cuddling is announced.