Airbus first 3D printed motorcycle

Frame is fascinating, first 3d printed motorcycle was produced by Airbus with subsidiary of APWorks and 3D printer in a small series. Filigree has only 6 kg weight… a real eye-catcher.

What’s up, this shows the Airbus subsidiary of APWorks, specialist for the forming of metals. The engineers have made a motorcycle that not only looks and whose setting is created in the 3D software.

The motorcycle is on sell, not now but very soon. Pre-orders are already being accepted.

In the frame of the Airbus motorcycle is reminiscent of the first bicycle made of stainless steel, engineers from the Netherlands presented in February. Similar to a spider’s Web with its many combs and crossbar, stainless steel bike and the new electric bike from Airbus have frames that are composed of honeycomb.

“Organic framework structures arise Bionic algorithms, as they are otherwise applied in the aviation and aerospace”, as Airbus. Model is nature, which makes the material only in the places to grow, where it must begin occurring forces.

Frame Scalmalloy

The result is not only the first motorcycle from the printer. With 35 kilograms is also the lightest one. The designers denied on each excess gram, by letting off all excess material. So sensitive, not conventional technical designer that simply work.

Frame is fascinating, first 3d printed motorcycle was produced by Airbus with subsidiary of APWorks and 3D printer in a small series.
Photo: APWorks

The framework, which is only 6 kg easy, grew up layer by layer. The finest powder from Scalmalloy, aluminum alloy usual in aviation, formed the first 30 microns (a micron is a thousandth of a millimeter) thick layer. A laser merged the fine granules in the places which should later be part of the frame. Thousands of such layers were needed to finish the complex shaped components. The material used is as hard as titanium.

The result is the structure of the framework in a mainframe computer algorithms-based has calculated the best structure to absorb the loads on the ride. The result reminiscent of an exoskeleton finally an algorithm has been applied for FEM. Bionic working: natural growth processes in pretend what load paths more perform.

Foto: APWorks
Foto: APWorks

The Light Rider, the name of the motorcycle is powered by a 6-kW electric motor. It provides a torque of huge 130 Nm, which powerfully accelerate vehicle. However, final is at 80 kilometers per hour. The range is maximum 60 kilometers.

AP works wants to produce the vehicle in a limited small series of 50 units. Who wants to buy this probably most unusual motorcycle in the world, can order it now. The purchase price goes up to 50k euro plus tax.