England-France Unmanned Air Combat Vehicle

Britain and France have agreed on develop an unmanned combat aircraft. Both Nations have scheduled around two billion euro for this project. Arms companies such as BEA and Dassault want to finish full fledged prototypes in 2025. The aircraft should be operational by 2030.

2014, both countries had agreed on a feasibility study for a joint unmanned combat air vehicle. The final report of this study should be in autumn this year. But the recent interim results are so positive that the two Governments have already agreed on the construction of prototypes.

England-France Unmanned Air Combat Vehicle
4bE Project. England-France Unmanned Air Combat Vehicle

The technical basis for various types of unmanned combat aircraft should be adjusted with the prototypes. The English program named UCAS stands for unmanned combat air system. The service at the unmanned fighter aircraft based on the UCAS approximately in the year 2030 available.

Unmanned combat aircraft can do much more than drone

Armed drones are successfully used for many years by the military and remotely controlled from the ground. Unmanned combat aircraft should be able, to handle a variety of tasks autonomously. So they to can respond to rocket fire from the ground and enemy aircraft.

To do this, the unmanned fighter aircraft need much higher speeds and ranges than the comparatively small drones. Although, the unmanned aircraft for their respective usage be programmed as bombing enemy airfields or missile batteries and support for their own bombers over long distances to ward off enemy aircraft.

Cooperation between machine is particularly difficult for pilot.

The biggest challenge for engineers is development of software that organizes the interaction of unmanned aircraft with the pilot of the other machines. The unmanned combat aircraft in the composite can properly fly and at the same time respond to enemy attacks and aircraft with other planes and helicopters. Belongs to this smooth running also, that there must be no misunderstanding or ambiguity.

To realize the project, all large companies of the two countries are involved. These include the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault and the British BAE Systems. Rolls-Royce from Britain and Snecma/SAFRAN of France to supply the engine page. In the electronics essentially share Thales of France and Finmeccanica Airborne and space systems from the UK.

Dassault can rely on a special expertise. The French already in 2012ascend neuron to its maiden flight the unmanned fighter drone. The aircraft strongly resembled an American stealth bomber.