Agricultural Bamboo High-Rise Building

Spinach and strawberries that grow in high-rise buildings from bamboo? British Architects pursue this vision with the so-called Skyfarm. Read here how the farm for the city of the future.

There are architects, who worry about today, how to 2050 the huge population supply with food. These include Rogers Stirk Harbour + partners. The London architectural practice the so-called Skyfarm came up high houses, which offer the possibility instead of dwelling place to grow food in the city.

Skyfarms consist sturdy bamboo strands

Skyfarms are a real eye-catcher: the hyperbolic-shaped high-rise buildings are made of sturdy bamboo strands that are intertwined and knotted. It should be stable enough to build up to 80 m in height and to involve in the Interior floors are filled with soil. And what is to thrive there? Preferably fast-growing plants such as spinach, strawberries and cabbage. According to the architects, it would be also possible to grow crops or to breed fish in large water pools.

Bamboo High-Rise Building
Bamboo High-Rise Building

So the plants quickly shoot into the sky, the designers have come up with the following concept: A transparent outer sheath to provide inside for warmth and a greenhouse effect. A large wind turbine on the roof that generates also electricity will be responsible for the necessary air circulation. And where does the water come from? Head from a reservoir that collects rain water at the top of the tower and on the acreage.

Bamboo high-rise buildings should be built in a few days

Skyfarms let build up quite quickly. While for a classical building easily several years construction, one can be 10 m high Skyfarm already 80 m high in a few weeks one in a few days. Thanks to bamboo as a building material, the high rise buildings should be also quite affordable. And it would offer a further benefit of the population. On the ground floor, namely Caf├ęs and supermarkets could emerge, in which citizens buy directly, strawberries and spinach.

Bamboo BuildingAnd why the whole thing? Cities of the future could quickly react to impending food shortages with the Skyfarms in the future. “It is believed that in the year 2050, nearly 80% of the world population in urban centers will live. In the same period the Earth’s population will grow probably around three billion people”, the architects explain. “Would we have then continue to traditional agriculture, one would need as big an additional area like Brazil.”

Spaniards are working on high-rise buildings for lettuce cultivation

It is in the stars, however, whether the project, which started as a pure research project ever becomes a reality. And the competition never sleeps. Spanish construction artists, for example, are working on high-rise buildings, where salad grow to settle. Provide a new perspective Singapore in times of demographic explosion for the food supply.