Advance Wi-Fi Long Range Communication

After the model of the wireless networks in homes, offices and industrial buildings its time for ships to communicate with each other. This works with considerably higher transmitting power and a particularly wide frequency band. First tests took place before Helgoland.

Advance Wi-Fi Long Range Communication
Advance Wi-Fi Long Range Communication

Wi-Fi, the wireless network for a wireless connection to the Internet there are now also on the high seas. Scientists at the GermanĀ Aviation Centre and Astronautics (DLR) tested it in the Heligoland area. While the native Wi-Fi makes Tuckered after 30-50m, the variant, which is used at sea, has a much higher range. “We did already 34 kilometres”, says Ronald Raulefs of the DLR Institute of communication and navigation. This is due to the particularly with 20 Watt power. Wi-Fi is otherwise a Watt and a particularly wide frequency band of 120 MHz. The data transmission is in the five-gigahertz range, where also some Wi-Fi router work.

Satellite communications is too expensive

Ships communicate with each other still like many years ago. Radio and light signals are the only ways to communicate with each other on the high seas. The amounts of data that transmit to leave, are extremely low. More is possible only on expensive satellite connections.

Advance Wi-Fi Long Range Communications
Advance Wi-Fi Long Range Communication

Wind farms interfere with data transfer

The lanes, pretended the DLR scientists. Times, drove the ships in only 50 m distance parallel to each other or went to dune with magnificent beaches and a small airfield on different routes the barrier island. “So we could not only the scattering and reflection of radio waves by the restless sea measured, but also the shading of the island”, so measuring campaigns Director of Raulefs. The researchers tested a connection between Heligoland lighthouse and the “Hermann Marwede”, rode the wind park to up to 25 km north-west of Helgoland. It was to test how reflections on the rotor blades will affect the transmission quality.

Now, scientists want to evaluate the measurement results to allow the transfer of large amounts of data between 10 and 50 Mbit per second without interference. The need for a communication from ship to ship with high amounts of data exist. In case of emergency, Seenor could give first medical instructions on video already on the way to the place of use. And the Feds could have lightning fast against crime on the high seas all data about the sinner ship and its crew.

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  1. Thats not a bad idea to put it inside cars. like this you can have one internet connection in car and share it with office, house and maybe even apartment in different city. Problem is that 20Watt antenna will kill battery in few hours.

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