Adidas 3D Shoes Printers

Adidas 3D Shoes Printers has introduced Future craft 3D: the sporting goods group with the three stripes with the 3D printer produces parts of the futuristic shoe. 

It is a challenge to find the right shoes for runners – they are the most important part of the sports facilities. The offer on the market is huge. Since questions by price, size, design, damping and brand. Adidas has taken to heart the needs of running clients and working with materialise, a Belgian specialist in 3D printing, to customisable shoes called Futurecraft 3D. You come to the part of the 3D printer.

Futurecraft 3D in the stress test: The midsole comes from the 3D printer. So far it's only a prototype.
Futurecraft 3D in the stress test: The midsole comes from the 3D printer. So far it’s only a prototype.

The computer is the perfect middle-sole using Adidas 3D Shoes Printers

The vision of the sporting goods group is that the customer in the future in the adidas store comes and leaves him with customized sneakers. Ideally, he turns some laps on the treadmill. There, his foot with so-called Footscan technology is scanned.

The design of a 3D-Sohle which adapts perfectly to the contours and pressure points of the foot is created in the computer. On the basis of this draft, an individual midsole in the 3D printer can be produced then. It can takes into account individual needs of the customers and directly adapted to the foot shape and damping.

Futurecraft 3D is currently only a prototype

“We use this unique combination of manufacturing and materials in a completely new way,” says adidas Board Member Eric Liedtke. “Our midsole coming out of the 3D printer is not only the basis for a good running shoe, it allows us also to record important data to meet the needs of the athletes.”

Adidas 3D Shoes Printers
Futurecraft 3D adidas: When will the running shoe on the market, is uncertain.

Adidas 3D Shoes Printers actually still mentions plans for the future. Future craft 3D is there only as a prototype. When it will be available, the Group has not been known yet. Who has so 100 to 1200 km on the sole, you need to buy yet conventional running shoes.