AData Lightning Card Reader for Engineers

Typical engineer database to work with is a huge mountain of files. Drawing from some old projects, some excel routines made back in university or photos of broken parts from some old project. For a month I am using a memory card reader from company Adata, hosting a special Lightning connector, which can be found in tablets, media players and smart phones.

This is perfect for mobile, and its main asset is the bilateral communication. I invite you to a short test.

As you probably know, mobile devices as Apple does not offer zoom capability with additional memory cards. Using the described today the reader you gain total freedom. Its greatest asset is the ability to write and read, what they do offer other available on the EU market for this type of accessories. Quick and easy way to move your data to a memory card, and thus free up space for new data in the device. In addition, the latest accessory from ADATA allows you to create backups.

Capacity and handling of mobile / tablet data

Lightning Card Reader developed by the ADATA has two slots, microSD and SD-SD/SDHC/SDXC (the maximum supported capacity is 256 GB), so the user is able to without the slightest problem store and copy to phone/tablet/Media Player data collected on the most popular cards available on the EU market. The reader is a small device with dimensions 132 x 39 x 88 mm and weighing just 10 grams, is compatible with iOS version 7.0 or later (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and devices with Lightning. In addition, the reader has the relevant certificate of Apple MFi, which provide full compatibility (hardware and software). The manufacturer does not forget about the dedicated applications, Power Drive, which is available to download for free in the App Store.

Question about the price

At this time, customer needs to pay more than £ 200. Is it a little or a lot, each judge must itself. I bought and i use always and everywhere and now I can’t imagine travel without this reader. Though … I know that was something better. In principle, the same device, but this time, that work also under Android. Apparently someone thought and decided that it will be an even greater incentive to purchase. And I have to admit that it will, I personally use several smartphones and such sharing will be a real salvation and the end of the tribulation.

Photo AData Lightning Card Reader
Photo: AData Lightning Card Reader

You have to admit that the software prepared by the manufacturer combines the two most important things, that is, the functionality and simplicity. When you connect the reader I get a message about the existence of a corresponding application. In General, the reader allows you to move and play on iGadget photos, music and documents, as well as movies. In the latter case, the fall need to convert. Video from the memory card to work without a problem, even if it is not in mp4 format. It is also useful if you want to make backup your Smartphone or tablet. A very interesting option offered by Reader-enabled application is the ability to share memory card within the WiFi network. Therefore, if you do not want to play around with switching cards to the reader in a laptop or computer, or more importantly you do not have this reader in your computer, there’s no worries. Everything can be done over a wireless network. For me the most important thing is easy and fairly quick transfer photos from a memory card to your iPad or iPhone, without going through a computer.

Lightning Card Reader
Photo: AData Lightning Card Reader

This is very valuable in the field when not conducive weather, there is no technical capability, or it is simply embarrassing or even impossible, because the laptop was in the trunk of a car. Thanks to reader, I can free up memory on the camera tab. Secondly, linking to the iPad gives you the ability to view photos on the screen definitely bigger and better than in the camera. Thirdly appears able to pre-treatment. And fourth, and who knows if not the most important, you can immediately send by email, share with your friends on social networking sites, or archive in the cloud. A beautiful thing when doing a lot of photos.

Cloud computing or data storage

Accessories designed to work in the field should be solid. After one month I can say that Adata Lightning Card Reader has survived many trips. I will not say to him especially fondled. To act and fulfil its role, and his dwelling there are different places. Many times it was a variety of background and the connection cable was bent in all possible ways. Withstood those attempts. The color scheme and design was maintained in Apple. So do not expect in this field.

AData Lightning Card

At the end of the minus-in my opinion, of course, because most of you can move past this whole matter. It is a pity that it is not possible to read the other cards in addition to SD I use digital based on completely different memory cards and here comes the obstacle not to circumvent. Too bad, but you can’t have everything…

To summarize, Adata Lightning Card Reader you have to praise for high quality and flexible device-enabled application. Price, as usual, debatable, and pointed by me, not for all will be an obstacle.