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A trip to Mars will last only 2 days

The future of our civilization on the Red Planet kindles the imagination of an increasing number of Landowners. This fact is hardly surprising, as the most prominent visionaries, who each day, thanks to the latest technologies, change beyond recognition our reality, they want to transform this barren planet to the other.


However, it this occurs, world scientific has to focus on the most important aspect of colonization, namely on the journey to Mars. At the moment we have a technology that allows us to get to this property in 6 months.

A few years ago, NASA announced that the journey can be shortened to as little as 30 days. It has to be possible using the fusion drive. Scientists are working on it within the framework of the Innovative Advanced Concepts Program, however, it is not known when it will be fully functional.

Charles Bombardier solution to space travel

Meanwhile, with a very interesting project proposed by the Canadian engineer,Charles Bombardier. Well, he developed the concept, according to which on Mars we will be able to get on board a ship called the Solar Express in just 37 minutes.

Scientist provides that spaceship will move at a speed of up to 3000 km/s, which is just 100 times less than the speed of light. His idea is only one serious problem. Cosmic train will be in constant motion, so once accelerate, does not stop.

This solution is not new. It apear in popular microsoft game: Freelancer

The initial giving it speed you will be using the traditional forms (e.g. rocket to maneuver), and then used will be the impact of the gravitational pull of the other planets. Unlike the probes that impact use for many years, the Solar Express will be “fishpot” had light without interruption.


In accordance with its vision, the vehicle would be set in motion in the traditional way and would use only a small amount of fuel to adjust the direction of flight. Solar Express will orbitĀ one planet, gravity would speed and then will moveĀ in the direction of the other. Could move in this way virtually no end. Being near Mars, special capsule would meet with him to pick up cargo and passengers, and the train will be able to leave Mars orbit and hit the Earth.

At the time, when it is on Mars, a special capsule will take astronauts or cargo, and then bring them to the surface of the planet. The space shuttle train will be able to hit the Earth with a new mission.

Although this project seems one big fantasy, in fact, you can try to make it happen, as the costs, how small will be Bombardier Announces compared with other projects carried out by NASA.