A simple gadget facilitate parking in garage

Following “glitches” to the garage is for many drivers, even after years spent behind the wheel of a serious challenge. This problem largely solve the increasingly complex systems of sensors and cameras. What if our car had no such equipment?

Contrary to appearances, such problems are very common, so are devices that have the remedy, and one of them is the laser guidance system. Small module installed on the ceiling, is equipped with two laser pointers and a motion sensor that when it detects the car activates all the accessories.

When the car starts to enter into the garage, there is a laser dot, one for each of the cars, which indicates the optimum distance from the walls. The system has also LED lamp power 50 lumens, which provides additional assistance. Both laser and lamp will remain on for 15 seconds, then shut down.

A simple gadget facilitate parking
The whole thing is powered by three AAA batteries, and you can buy one in stores for $ 49.95.