7 September Apple

7 September Apple: iPhone 7 day

7 September both fans and users of Apple hardware, learn what Apple has in store for them. Almost certainly it will be the iPhone 7, but surely this will not be the only iPhone 7. The company from Cupertino, faced with dwindling last income and penalties imposed by the European Union, must come up with something that will convince consumers that the time to buy a new one.

We have prepared for You a summary of what to expect. Soon to be seen as a prediction proved accurate.

iPhone 7 – 7 September Apple Day

The new iPhone will not somehow radically rebuilt against iPhone 6S that Apple will reserve a on 10. anniversary in 2017. Standard sizes, 4.7 and 5.5 inch casing disappear have lines antennas and headphone connection, you’ll also see a vibrant, sensitive to the strength of the Home button. This larger model (7S?) would get two lens main camera, better zoom and photos in low light conditions.

In the middle of the Apple processor A10, reportedly having matched in performance czipom Intel Core Series M. The 3 GB RAM to meet the demands of new camera, and built-in storage at least 32 GB. This is the end of with insufficient 16 GB versions for a long time.

Apple Watch 2

How to stimulate the declining interest in smart watch. The answer would be a new version of the Apple watch, in which to expect a much better battery (maybe even something other than the ubiquitous today Li-Po?), in-built GPS, and a much faster CPU, that will allow you to run more complex applications.

IOS 10

Despite the round number is not what to expect. New version of iOS and will first of all tools to control household devices connected to the Internet of things, an improved Instant Messenger iMessage with support for plug-ins, the mechanism of transcription and voice mail notifications.

MacOS Sierra

The official debut of the new system for Poppies is not only a new, nicer and more convenient name. It is primarily the debut of Siri on personal computers, enhanced instant messaging and photo management tool, support for Apple Pay on the Internet and the use of smartzegarka Apple Watch as hardware token authentication.

Watchos 3 – incoming power

Quick emergency services in emergency, Apple Pay support in applications, faster startup and application to monitor your breath are the main characteristics of the new version of the system for smart watches.

New Macs

New Mac in September 7, would rather not see. In the end, who would outshine iPhone 7? This year, however, we should see the updated Macbook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac, as well as special monitor 5 k, which will replace the outdated model Thunderbolt.