68 Black Holes Observed with Naked Eye

A radical idea is being championed by an international team of astronomers no less than 68 of them signed the article. According to the class you can see directly in visible light, the activity of black holes. All you would need would be a 20 cm telescope in the black hole observed by the team.Has long been known that black holes emit jets of high-energy to swallow the story that surpasses its event horizon, creating the so-called wind of black holes, which can be observed in the form of radiation in x-ray or gamma range.

Astronomer Observ 68 Black Holes with Naked Eye

“Now we know we can make observations based on optical visible light rays in other words-and that black holes can be observed without advanced telescopes of x-rays or gamma rays,” said Mariko Kimura, University of Kyoto, Japan.

Visible light of black holes

V404 Cygni system watching a black hole binary Planetarium and a star. The team discovered that along with the already known x-ray emissions there are repeatable patterns in the activity of black hole radiation visible. In periods ranging from a few minutes to several hours.

According to the team, because x-rays heats the region outside of the black hole’s accretion disk, making the region emit visible light rays which in a way makes the black hole visible to the human eye.

NASA model of Milky Way Galaxy
NASA model of Milky Way Galaxy indicates that all black holes are in constant movement and depending on current position to our solar system can interact with our gravity.

The study also revealed that these repetitive variations occur when a black hole swallows even a small quantity of matter just a tenth of what it was supposed earlier.

This indicates that the mass accretion rate is not the primary triggering factor of repetitive activity around black holes, for it working also the duration of the orbital periods of the binary.