4 Apps Engineers use at summer

Summer without mobile is complicated. As much we like to “forget it” in home something tells us that this may not be a best idea. On holiday with the phone we can do a lot of things, but without internet life is really complicated. Here are four holiday-apps in a row to make your life easier.

Gas cylinder App that will help you in field

Gasfabrikant Primagaz provides assistance at the camp site. The company has found a way to measure a smartphone or a gas cylinder still full.

By with a metal object against tapping the gas cylinder creates a specific sound that the smartphone receives. On the basis of the knowledge of the gas cylinder, then how full the app calculates that still is: a higher sound means a fuller bottle.

Primagaz Easyblue | IOS and Android | free


Sun Exposure Apps for better safety

How much sunlight is too much for your skin? There are plenty of apps that provide assistance for this purpose; the tungsten Sun Exposure App is one of the most extensive. On the basis of location and skin type gives the app in detail to how long you at any time of the day in the Sun. Fill in the sunscreen factor your actual sunscreen in the solar time and adapts to. Only drawback is that it does not contain all test, making it more or less guessing is in which category you fall. Sun Shield grabs that something more convenient. With a few simple questions about, for example, eye color and the skin type and the app calculates freckles then delivers the solar radar.

Wolfram Sun Exposure | IOS | € 0.99

Sun Shield | Android, free | IOS, 0.99 €


To measure is to know

On holiday you can enable Smart Measure an app. The app first measurement the distance to the bottom of the object. That is a matter of a triangulation: the smartphone records the angle at which you love him if you’re on the bottom of the object manually, you fill in how high you keep the smartphone, and the app calculates the distance. Focus your smartphone then to the top of the object, then the app calculates the height. That goes well with not too high buildings. A test with more than 100 m high court Tower and new Babylon in the Hague results in large deviations: the app underestimated the height systematically.

Smart Measure | Android | free

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