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3D printers making 3D Statues, why not?

Hotrod Henry Supercharged is coming with a model in the Vintagelook, that want to be much nicer than the competition. The campaign is kick starter but runs a bit slow.

Meanwhile countless 3D printers for the home romp on the market. And is the most common is that they want to look like a large futuristic toy and not quite with the living room furniture. It wants to change the Aye Aye Labs.

The design Office has developed Hotrod Henry Supercharged from Poland a 3D-printer for home, somewhat resembling a refrigerator from the 1970s and should be available in almost all colors. “We wanted a warmer look,” write the designer. “Vintage products are often associated with stability, robustness, perfect simplicity and universal elegance.”

3D Printed Statues
3D printer in the vintage look: Hotrod Henry Supercharged come in autumn 2016 to the market. Costs: on Kickstarter now €5.590 per unit. Photo: Aye Aye Labs

3D printer is five times faster than the competition

Hotrod Henry technically has a lot on the box. The 3D printer a printing speed of 450 mm / s and is around five times faster than most competing products according to the manufacturer. Still, he is working precisely in the 350 x 350 x 600 mm large space and prints layers that are only 50 microns thick. For comparison, a human hair has between 40 to 70 microns. So even the smallest details can print artists and engineers.

You can become a reality also life-sized statues. This has proved the manufacturer by Sir

3D printers 3D Statues
Life-size 3D statue of Sir Paul McCartney, the legendary singer and bass player of the Beatles. Photo: Aye Aye Labs

Paul McCartney he has built several components. The legendary singer and bassist of the Beatles is 1.80 m. Another special feature: Hotrod Henry is not picky in the feed. He processes all print materials, which are available on the market from PLA via flexible thermoplastics up to carbon.

Kickstarter: life-size 3D-statues for €1,995

Aye Aye Labs has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the series production of the 3D printer. It runs slow. So far come together nearly €1300 of €75,000 funding target.

There remain only two weeks time to support the project.

For a contribution of €1,995 financiers get a life-size statue of himself for €3,390 the mini version of the printer and for €5.590 the great Hotrod Henry. And if the campaign is successful, the remaining time is not long.