Designer + 3D Printer = New Car Coming on the Market

A production car from the 3D printer? The American manufacturer of local engine implements the model LM3D swim into reality. The printed E-Car is to come on the market in 2017. And how expensive it is?

3D Printed Cars Comming on the Market
LM3D swim will be the first production car from the 3D printer. 2017 is scheduled launch. Cost: around €49,000.

Local Motors based in Phoenix, the United States had a special treat in the luggage for visitors of the tuning Messe SEMA in Las Vegas last week. A red and black Coupé of called LM3D swim, created by designer Kevin Lo. The Cloutch: chassis and body made up to 75% come from in a 3D printer, which handles a mix of plastic and carbon fibers. In future, the automaker wants to increase the proportion to 90%.

Designer + 3D Printer = New Car  on the Market, and can be yours for around €49,000. We say: Support this company and buy this toy!

LM3D swim to be the first car out of the 3D printer, which reached maturity. Although it is currently in an intensive test and development, the vehicle must meet strict safety criteria for the approval of the road. But soon the Minifactory in Knoxville (Tennessee) to begin the series production.

2017 LM3D will be then available. Cost: around €49,000.

Designer + 3D Printer = New Car Comming on the Market
Local Motors has manufactured also strati with the 3D printer. The buggy has achieved but still not the production.

Also buggy comes strati from the 3D printer

LM3D swim but is not the first car out of the 3D printer: already in September 2014 local caused a motor fair international manufacturing technology show (ITMS) for Marvel. There was a 3D printer with the dimensions of a room, who brought 18 kilograms of a polymer reinforced with carbon in the form of per hour.

The printer needed 48 hours to print over 40 auto parts, which engine finally made up locals to a buggy called strati. To buy, there is no vehicle but.

Californians Kevin Czinger produced blade with 3D sports car

A few step away from market also the Californian Kevin Czinger seems to be divergent Microfactories blade produced with his company a sports car from the 3D accelerated with 700 Horsepower in fabulous 2.2 s 0-100 km/h. The printer produces parts of chassis with aluminum powder, so that is a true light-weight blade with 635 kg. For comparison, a Lamborghini or Ferrari in same class weigh is at least twice.

Caterham cars relies on 3D printer: the British sports car manufacturer prints for formula 1 race cars every month up to 900 components. These are mainly to body components, which  down for tests in the wind tunnel to its original size by 40%. The rapid pressure makes it possible to try different variants in a short time with little effort. According to Ian Prince, head of development at Caterham, the company saves €48,000 this every month.