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35 tonnes ancient sphere was found in the middle of the forest

Gigantic and very hard ball in the middle of the forest on this stumbled upon archaeologists from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some researchers suspect that the creation of this strange solution may be involved extraterrestrials.

source: Reuters

In the middle of the embankment (looks artificial too) in the forest is located in the village Podubravlje near Zavidovici in Bosnia and Herzegovina, archaeologists have discovered a giant stone sphere with a diameter of 3.5 and estimated weight: 35 tonnes.

After the announcement of the info on this discovery finds immediately began discussions concerning its origin. Scientists believe that dark gray color may indicate a high content of iron in the Interior of the site. The controversial Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagich estimated that near Zavidovici could ever be even 80 similar bullets and believes that they could be the work of the representatives of an alien civilization. The same researcher also submits that, in the vicinity of the village in Bosnia-Visoko were once pyramid.

Other experts are challenging his theories. Argue that the ball could arise as a result of natural processes. Ball discovered in Bosnia is compared to similar, found in Costa Rica, which have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and became the inspiration for the creators of the stage design for the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. In the information given to them by UNESCO may read that “the importance of the use and production of these spheres remains a mystery.”

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