310 km/sec Cloud Enters Milkyway

The gas cloud travels the cosmos with 310 km/sec Cloud Enters Milkyway. According to experts if collides with the milky way there will be millions of new stars. A cloud is called Smith and was discovered in 1960. Thanks to the Hubble telescope we can closely approximate data. Moving at speeds of more than 310 km per second. If nothing happens on her way, our Galaxy will reach over 30 million years.

310 km/sec Cloud Enters Milkyway was disover in 1960 and approximates.

The cloud is huge. If it was visible in the sky, would have been 30 times larger than the full moon. Due to the fact that they do not emit light, it is difficult to determine its exact construction. Experts from the Institute of Scientific Space Telescope in Baltimore consists of gases, heavy metals, hence the suspicion particles that comes from our Galaxy and return back to it.