30min from EU to USA with Fastest plane on the world

Fly for half an hour from Paris to New York? If the plans of the aircraft designer Bombardier Charles and Ray Mattison become reality, it would be no longer utopia half an hour. You have presented a passenger airplane with Jet drive, which will fly 75 passengers with over 10,000 km/h through the world.

Bombardier’s newest project is called Skreemr and able to reach ten times the speed of sound. The legendary Concorde would be a lame duck against the Skreemr. The aircraft only through the use of two jet engines would be as fast as advertised. These engines have to do little with the conventional Jet engines of aircraft, rocket propulsion systems they are not but also.

30min from EU to USA with Fastest plane on the world

The name Jet behind an engine which in contrast to the Jet engine has no moving parts. The engines are in the range between 5 and 15 m. The ambient air is strongly compressed in the engine and high exit speed. NASA and the U.S. military, but also the Russian military has long been experimenting with Jet engines. In the 1990s, six flights, where the maximum speed has been reached 6.4 Mach go the Russians.

Record flight in 2004 with 9.8 mach

2004 NASA undertook several test flights with the unmanned supersonic airplane X-43A, which flew from an B-42 to 12 km altitude and only disconnects at that height was. The aircraft reached a speed of Mach 9.8, around 11,000 km/h at an altitude of 33 km. That is until today the highest, with a plane reached speed.

30min from EU to USA with Fastest plane on the world-1
2004 NASA with the unmanned supersonic airplane X-43A set a speed record: height of 33 km, the aircraft reached a speed of Mach 9.8, around 11,000 km/h. In the picture the moment after the X-43A is caused by the B-52, to be at an altitude of 33 km to ascend. Photo: Nasa

An another flight with the unmanned X-51A with Jet drive 2013 managed the American military. The aircraft reached the five times speed of sound, so approximately 5500 kilometers per hour.

Bombardier takes a role model at NASA: also his plane to reach ten times more supersonic. However, it is much more difficult, should sit but 75 passengers on the plane.

High loads for the passengers on acceleration.

Even Charles Bombardier expects that it could take decades to develop such an aircraft. It’s not so much the Jet engines, but the plane itself. Technical challenges include the launch and the subsequent strong acceleration before the Jet engines can take over the drive.

30min from EU to USA with Fastest plane on the world-2
The Jet drive SJX61-2, which accelerated the unmanned NASA aircraft X-51A on Mach 5 in 2013. The aircraft traveled about 426 km in good 6 min. Photo: NASA

Charles Bombardier favors in his design of an electromagnetic quick start, in which the aircraft on the ground on two Rails is extremely accelerated by strong magnetic fields. This technique is known in principle and even available in borders. Modern ship artillery uses this technique rather than speed up the shells with explosives. The problems of this technique for the Skreemr aircraft is however, that the acceleration is so fast, that the physical stresses associated exclude many potential passengers of the flight.

30min from EU to USA with Fastest plane on the world
The two jet engines aimed at accelerating the plane with 75 passengers on ten times the speed of sound. Photo: Charles Bombardier

Following the quick start conventional rocket engines aimed at accelerating the Skreemr on the four times speed of sound with a small amount of transported liquid oxygen. Then insert the Jet engines and aimed at accelerating the aircraft to Mach 10.

With about 11,000 km/h this plane is fastest one on the world.

It is quite likely that such a drive technology will keep moving into the commercial aviation. In the UK there is a company called reaction engines, developed with the same name engines, represent a crossing by Jet engine and rocket motor. In this company, BAE Systems with 20% has participated recently. For the development of a cooperation agreement is concluded at the same time with several American research institutions.

30min from EU to USA with Fastest plane on the world
The supersonic fighter Skreemr requires incredible ambient air, which is strongly compressed and ejected in the Jet engines. Photo: Charles Bombardier

High demands on the material

The high temperatures that must survive the plane at high speeds are another problem, which is still to solve. At a cruising speed of the aircraft by only five times the speed of sound, it is exposed to the skin in many places of a constant temperature load of almost 1000 ° C. So far, there are only a few materials that can withstand this burden in the long term. They are at the same time but extremely expensive – especially considering the amounts that would be required for the construction of commercial aircraft.