23 thousand Europeans die every year due to coal dust

This Concussion Is More Serious Than You Thought. In EU only 3k less people die from the pollution then in car accidents. Every year in China alone die 1.4 million people due to inhaling polluted air. Dust from coal combustion each year kills almost 23 thousand Europeans.

Although more and more countries from the European Union lists the coal into those powered by renewable energy sources, carbon dust is still a serious problem on the old continent. It is estimated that in 2014 the coal plants were responsible for 18% of the emissions of greenhouse gases.

“Burning coal creates toxic dust particles, which can be moved far from the power plant, beyond the boundaries of the country. People living near coal plants can inhale these particles and suffer serious health consequences”.

The report developed by the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Sandbag, Greenpeace and the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E) showed a disturbing trend. Scientists have obtained data on emissions of coal dust with 257 of the 280 coal located an within the EU and combined them with 22 900 premature deaths in 2013. It turns out that by coal dust were killed only 3000 fewer people than in car accidents.

In addition, there have been almost 12 thousand. new cases of chronic bronchitis, and more than 500 thousand. asthma attacks in children in 2013, the cost of treatment of these cases, the immortals (including money lost due to absence from work) was 36-$ 70 billion, which is equivalent to twice the GDP of Iceland.

It is worth noting that Poland and Germany are the two largest producers of coal dust in Europe.