210 HP over the golf course jet-pack

This is now a new handicap for golfers or a profit?: together with the golfer Bubba Watson and the sporting goods manufacturer Oakley, the Martin aircraft company has developed a Jet Pack for golfers now. Thus suspended the athletes from hole to hole, leave no marks, and overlooking the square from the bird’s eye view.

Golfers like to emphasize how healthy is your sport and how much movement he leads then to rise in their golf cart and driving to the next tee. It can be topped: the golfer Bubba Watson, the New Zealand Jet Pack manufacturer Martin aircraft company and the US sporting goods manufacturers Oakley have jointly developed a flying golf cart: the Martin Jetpack golf cart.

Golf Jet-Pack goes 900 meters high with 74 km/h speed

The principle is quite simple: want to change its place on the golf course, one packing his equipment into the holders provided for this purpose, puts on the helmet, buckle up and flies off. The 210 HP strong drive creates up to 914 meters and 74 km/h, but better too much than too little bit over-sized for a golf course.

210 HP jet-pack
Withdraw completely in golf: the Martin Jetpack golf cart can ascend to a height of 900 meters and reach 74 mph. Photo:

The aircraft is owned and operated by two 200 Volt motors, each driving a propeller of the coat. These are propeller, which are fitted in a cylindrical housing, the same principle is also available at air-cushion vehicles.

The propeller sucks up the air from above, accelerates it and emits almost bundled back them. Here also the zones of reduced pressure contribute to the thrust, which arise at the entrance lips of the coat propeller.

Jet Pack adapted to the needs of golfers

Carefully considered, is the flying machine adapted just on the specific needs of golfers a deployed Jet Pack, as it has the Martin Aircraft in the program anyway, finally need the bat collection. Also the requirements of the authorities are accordingly: before it can go into the air, the device must be certified only by the civil aviation authority. So far, there is only a trial license to introduce the flying public golf cart.

210 jet-pack
A Jet Pack for golfers cost about $200,000. Photo:

Bubba Watson’s regret he was not even the test pilot, but Mike Read from the area of flight operations by Martin Aircraft. But as soon as the aircraft on the market, the golfer wants to have one, too he is ranked three of the waiting list for the Martin Jetpack golf cart and the corresponding training hours.

The rounds will be “faster and more fun”

The benefits of flying for him are obvious: one could look from the top on the place and so better see how you could reach low scores, he is pleased: “Also make it faster and funnier the round!” For unusual caddy seems to have a soft spot anyway: three years ago, he tested a hovercraft on the noble green.

It is also practical to go virtually anywhere with the Jet Pack with the golf cart can’t do that, no matter how innovative it is. Bunker or water obstacles are in the way, the passage is simply prohibited. With the Jet Pack man is literally in off to the next hole. By the small footprint it leaves only small indentations in the lawn, and there are no lanes anyway.

Mercedes Golf Car
Mercedes Golf Car. Photo: Mercedes-Bentz

Ideal for the small race in between

And if Golf is in between times too boring you know the drill, every day the same round  you simply challenges the sports to a small Podrace. The approximately $200,000 for jet-pack, but who can compare money with so much fun.