2017 HyperLoop Dubai – Fujairah

Along with technology, which is a futuristic, high-speed rail, which has drastically reduced travel between major metropolitan city in the United States, will also appear in Europe and Asia, and even in the Middle East.

The project presented by Elona Stroke live in 2013 are concerned, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates.

Well, they want to connect with each other from each other about 105 kilometers of Dubai and Fujairah. UAE citizens and tourists, visitors of this amazingly fast blossoming country, could overcome this distance in 10 minutes.

Along with construction to begin in the UAE as early as next year, however, before this occurs, the authorities organised a contest called Build Earth Live, in which dozens of teams from all over the world will take part in designing the best solution for this desert country. Competitions will be held in September this year.

The implementation of the entire project is valued by the authorities at around $ 6 billion. Since sheikhs from the UAE are interested in this technology, we can be sure a thousand percent that Along in this country will be faster than even in the United States.