2015 Fastest Scanner: Digitalize Book in Minute

A new scanner allows you to digitize all books minutes. The user simply sets the book under the probe of the Czur scanner referred to and scrolls to the pages. To scan just push a button. in lest than a second page is captured and processed. This “rutine” is even quicker with a foot pedal.

2015 Fastest Scanner Digitalize Book in Minute_
No cover, no many buttons: Only a button to scan. The device, which looks like a lamp that automatically regulates everything. Is 20 times faster than common scanner.

The part looks like an oversized desk lamp, but a new scanner that will read whole books in minutes. Actually, the Czur scanner has integrated ten LED bulbs in his probe so that it can really be used as a desk lamp. Depending on the lighting situation LED is scanned it, natural existing light or with the help of the ten.

Via WiFi in the Czur Cloud

For scanning book is simply placed on the desk below the scanner. Just pushing a red button to scan the entire page. Sends the document to a connected computer via hi speed USB. Alternatively you can transfer your scans via WiFi in the Czur cloud, and picked up from there with a laptop, tablet or Smartphone.

20 times faster scan, more accurate and OCR compatible.

The user must flip just the pages and press the button. To completely digitize a book of about 300 pages, you need only five minutes with the Czur scanner. According to the manufacturer, Czur is 20 times faster than a normal scanner. A scan of the book through an additional optional foot pedal is still faster.

2015 Fastest Scanner Digitalize Book in Minute
User friendly: Single red button must be pressed on the Czur scanner. Thats all…

Thus the process simplified significantly because there is no pressing the red button to initiate a scan. The user scrolls to only the pages and bounce with the foot. The built-in 32-bit MIPS CPU causes the scanner to a speed below 1 s per book page.

Smarter algorithm

The scanner has a clever algorithm that clean removes fingerprints, ugly shades, and unwanted edges. The algorithm reliably smoother even the slight curvature of a book page. The automatic correction algorithm also ensures that correct distortions or twists and where is a center from the book text  in the document. At the end of the scanned book looks like a well created PDF document.

Scans also sculptures

Technically, the Czur scanner is well equipped: the camera to record of the images is one of 16 million pixels HD CMOS what sharp scans ensures crisp. The optical resolution of the camera delivers 4608 X 3456 pixels with a 24-bit color depth.

A 2.4-inch wide TFT screen above shows the size on the desktop on the probe. There is almost nothing, what the Czur scanner will not scan. The scanner easily handles even sculptures and other spatial objects.

HDMI output for presentations

The scanner also has an HDMI output, through which a 1080 p HD video on a monitor can be played out. This feature is interesting especially for presentations and for schools, because immediately the scanned document can be discussed. An OCR function dominates 34 languages The scanner quickly converts any document into an editable Word document.

$ 199 is a quick price for this tool

Currently, a financing campaign for the Czur scanner running on the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. There, with foot pedal, it costs $ 199. The subsequent sales price goes to $399. Project starts with objective of $20,000. Today has almost 190,000$ (after 19 days) and has been clearly exceeded.

The Czur team promises to give away 50 scanner in schools in the United States and China, if the campaign 1.5 million $ achieved. And for this time are now 26 days. For half of the price of Czur, Fuji with the ScanSnap SV600 2013 has brought a similar product on the market.