194Gb Milky Way Photo

Five years Bochum astronomers in the desert of Chile observed the sky. A 194 GB file was created out of 268 individual shots at this time: the largest astronomical image of the milky way at all.

The scientists of more than 50,000 such objects have discovered by using the telescopes of the Bochum Observatory. To cover the search area at all, they have divided it in 268 fields. Each of them will be photographed again every few days. If one then compares the shots, the fluctuations in the brightness can be identified.

Targeted searches in the picture are possible – 194Gb Milky Way Photo is biggest ever made.

From these recordings, the Bochum have now created a gigantic recording, which has a volume of 194 gigabytes and consists of 46 billion pixels. And exactly she can be http://gds.astro.rub.de/ everyone in an online tool at the link.

194Gb Milky Way Photo
Ruby/Chair – Astrophysics

Here the entire band of the milky way is first. Viewers can zoom in the image and take a closer look at only specific sections, and there is even a search function. Who enters such as “M8” in the window, gets to see the Lagoon Nebula.

194Gb Milky Way Photo
The record shot of the milky way looks first of all on the page http://gds.astro.rub.de/.

Dr. Rolf Chini, Director of the Astronomical Institute in Bochum, is similarly enthusiastic about the possibilities of relatively simple technology that virtually unlimited are available: “the large telescopes Gets an average astronomer perhaps five to ten hours observation time of the year – if he’s lucky.” The Bochum but need above all: time. At the end of a whole catalogue of objects with variable brightness should be created. And he should inter alia help to gain new insights into the formation of stars.

194Gb Milky Way Photo
World’s best location for astronomical observations: Atacama Desert.