New Tesla Is Coming To The Market

17 OCT. New Tesla is coming to the market with SolidEnergy Batteries to exceed 1000 km.

Tesla Motors has prepared on October 17, a great surprise that will be announced at the Conference presided by Elona Stroke. Unfortunately, it is not known officially, what it might be, but people tracking reports from the world of technology and automotive market followers realize that walking may reveal more details about the new Model 3.

May not be even a car for the people, because its price is approximately 35 thousand dollars, but certainly it will be a great breakthrough in the world of vehicles fully electric. In addition to the information about the model 3, Musk probably announce new versions of the model S, which will have to be even more battery power. Perhaps it will show even a prototype of such a vehicle with two times more battery.

Range of well in excess of the magic number of 1000 kilometers.

Recall that the researchers from MIT, working within the company SolidEnergy, recently developed a lithium-metal, which are able to store 2 times more power than a standard lithium-ion battery. Such batteries are found in Tesla as early as next year.

Meanwhile, Musk, on the upcoming Conference, also announces new versions of the Autopilot, which already offers extraordinary opportunities increasingly autonomous driving. The head of Tesla said that its vehicles will carry out the same already in 2018, however, all indications are that this may happen a lot faster.

From the point of view of the latest news coming to us from Germany, where the Bundestag declared that by 2030, when the country will be able to only move electric vehicles, Tesla fight for new customers, especially those less well-off, is hardly surprising. And very well, because Musk can free the planet from fossil fuels.

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