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Published On: Thu, Jul 21st, 2016

117,000 French Engineers Emigrate to China

This winter, the factory new offers a little tour of the world of the points of fall favorite of 117 000 made in France engineers gone abroad. First step: China.

If China still dream of young engineers, they must arm themselves with patience. Indeed, the Chinese Government has hardened its requirements. To get a work visa, two to three years experience is required. “The stage where foreign being was in itself a quality is complete”, explains Michel Grenié, teacher at Beijing University (BLCU) after working for two French engineering schools present in China. Increasingly, Asian giant wants to conquer foreign markets. Have knowledge in internationalization or development of commercial networks in Africa or South America is the type of jurisdiction searched.

Other occupations appreciated: those who focus on improving productivity.

“In General, we need problem solving-oriented people who agree to put their hands in the dough”, says Michel Grenié. Knowledge of mandarin is a key asset. “In the Chinese company where I started, it rather made me trust”, explains Stéphane Ly who now works at Faurecia in Shanghai. To fit nicely, it advises to treat its network, a strategic tool in a country where informal relations remain important. Two flats for the candidates at the outset: Shanghai and Beijing do not all industrial China and companies moved more away from these large urban centers. Finally, for those who have children at a young age, Chinese metropolises are very polluted…