11 things you did not know about Dmitrij Mendelejew

Dmitri Mendeleev was born 182 years ago. He was a man of exceptional intellect and an incredibly broad interests. Although famous for periodic system of the elements, it was just a slice of life of Russian scholar.

  1. Dmitri Mendeleev-here are 10 things you did not know about it:
  2. He was born as the last of the seventeen children
  3. Was characterized with a powerful Chin and thatch of hair which cut once a year before the summer heat.
  4. For years he worked on his Blackboard and indignantly fixing mit proclaiming that saw her suddenly in his sleep
  5. Was bigamist. In accordance with the applicable law could not enter into marriage earlier like 7 years after the divorce. However he bribed popa and got married.
  6. The authorities of the day scored him. So much so that let go him on accusation of bigamy. When the Russian Aristocrat approached the Tsar after agreeing to an earlier wedding and relied on the case of periodic table car replied: “it’s true that Mendeleev has two wives but had one periodic table.”
  7. Smoked a lot of cigarettes and next to his desk always has become a bucket of water which would drown butts.
  8. Get up late around noon and worked until 3-4 at night.
  9. His provisions relating to the composition of the vodka. It is not true however that he has determined that the spirits will have a 40% alcohol is a right established when Mendeleev had 9 years.
  10. Lost in old age however regained it in 1903 after cataract surgery.
  11. Predicted exact properties of many elements including polonium discovered even during his lifetime by the Member States of the Curie.
Dmitrij Mendelejew
Dmitrij Mendelejew

Its array of Dmitry Mendeleev compiled arranging the elements by atomic number. The layout has been called a “periodic table” due to the fact that the properties of elements repeat periodically, to form a group. This is due to the fact that the atomic number of the element means not only the number of protons in the nucleus, but electrons in an inert state.

It directly determines the chemical properties of the element.

I just find this regularity was weighing the discovery, which was made by Dimitrij Mendeleev. This allows you to predict the properties of the elements that have not yet been discovered by Dmitry Mendeleev appointed in this way characteristics of scandium, gallium and germanium.

The principle still works few months ago confirmed the existence of successive elements which were provided in the periodic table. The present appearance of the periodic table is a result of the Division into periods and groups made by Niels Bohr.

It looked like an array of elements that Dimitrij Mendeleev published in 1871: