11 Days is Enough to Beat Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in the world. Early detection allows you to increase the survival rate of patients. Now developed an innovative therapy that can eliminate breast cancer in just 11 days.Despite significant progress, still too many women each year die due to breast cancer. British scientists have developed a breakthrough treatment while using two existing drugs hercept and lapatinib. These preparations are widely used in anty-cancer therapy after surgery to remove the tumor and in the conventional chemotherapy. Both are on target HER2 protein, which is essential for the growth of certain types of breast cancer, including those particularly aggressive.

In the study attended by 257 women with 23 different British hospitals. Diagnosed in their tumors had a 1-3 cm. After 2-week therapy, as many as 11% of the tumors disappeared completely, and the remaining 17% is dramatically reduced (less than 5 mm).

The researchers were surprised that a combination of two drugs is so well known in the State, in many cases, a cure for breast cancer. Amazing results of this work. Cancers of the breast, which is induced by the protein HER2, much more often than others give relapses.

Conventional chemotherapy is full of side effects, which can be really unpleasant starting with the hair loss, vomiting, and even on the decline of cognitive function. In the case of herceptyn and lapatinib therapy takes much less time, because only 11 days.

Our discovery has huge potential. At the moment, you can only use hercept in combination with chemotherapy, and not alone. All patients deserve access to innovative medical treatments she said Samia al Qadhi, head of Breast Cancer Care.

Each cancer is a serious opponent, because there is still much to be done in order to eliminate it from our lives.