Using torrents? New UK Law: 10 years in prison for piracy.

United Kingdom wants to toughen penalties for piracy. If the new law will enter into force, it will be possible to convict that person even at 10 years in prison.

Piracy is a crime, and a crime should be punished. It’s hard to imagine, however, that for copyright infringement to put someone behind bars for 10 years. Slashgear recalls that 10 years can you get for owning a weapon with the intention of its use or attempted poisoning.

Internet piracy is the crime?

The highest penalty for piracy in the uk is two years imprisonment. Well, it seems quite inadequate to the committed act. The newly proposed punishment already sounds absurdly.

I wonder if it would have any impact on the situation. Or would be able to scare off the network users before the distribution of illegal copies of movies, games, or computer programs.