10 noteworthy inventions in 2015

2015 coming to an end. One reason, on some of the best engineering services on the passing year. These 10 inventions with most interest our readers and striking impact on our world. 

2015 engineers have caused a stir around the world. Reported and collected now 10 projects, have to arouse the reader. There are the following:

1. Robot building house walls in less then 48 hours.

Hadrian from Australia is one of the impressive inventions from 2015. The Orange robot which manages to make a walls of the family house in just two days. To compare construction workers need up to six weeks for the same task.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - Hadrian
Hadrian at work. Robot pick up brick, cuts and fixes along. Flow mortar on it and places according to schematic blueprints. Photo: Fastbrick Robotics 

Without the support of the people, the robot to 0.5 mm works perfectly well. The company of FastBricks Robotics wants to allow contractors with the electronic Maurer, to save costs and to build better houses, who can afford even poorer people.   Buy it  

2. Automatic Beehive protects bees from stress

Honey production can mean significant stress to bees. Two Australian inventors want to change that. They have therefore developed an automatic Beehive with modified honeycomb cells, must not open the beekeepers for honey extraction.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - FlowFive
Flow hive: The system invented by the Australians Stuart and Cedar Anderson. Pushed honey flow button releases product without disturbing the bees. Photo: FlowHive    Buy it  

3. BoniRob weed destroyer robot. On the field huge time saver.

Bosch engineers have used their knowledge of sensor technology, image recognition and navigation, to build Bonirob – a small car big robot that moves with the help of satellites, lasers and on board camera automatically scanning fields.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - RoniROB
Bonirob at work in the field: the machine can distinguish between crops and weeds. The latter is destroyed unerringly. Photo: Deepfield Robotics    Buy it  

With an image recognition system, he recognizes weed that a stamp simply ramming into the ground and destroyed. An interesting alternative to the weed killer.

4. SolarRoad panel generates enough power for single household

Also the SolaRoad in the Netherlands caused enthusiasm. The 70 m-long solar cycle has produced in six months over 3000 kWh of electricity. That is sufficient for a full year to power a single budget.

Solaroad consists of rectangular concrete modules, in which silicon solar cells are embedded. Above it are layers made of safety glass.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - SolarRoad
Assembly of the SolaRoad. The rectangular concrete modules, silicon solar cells are embedded. A layer of safety glass covers the modules. Photo: Solaroad   Buy it  

5. Robot print a steel bridge in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam to 2017 a new bridge in the 3D printing occur. Two robots to will face off on both banks of the Canal and at the same time start the construction. While they draw the 1500 ° C hot, liquid metal in the air from their nozzles, they move on the construction of forward, building themselves.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - bridge constructor
The bridge over a canal in Amsterdam could look like. Robot is on the design manufactures steel elements. Photo: Joris Laarman   Buy it  

6 Caravan can be attached to the bike

Looking for a bike tour with camper? Then the wide path is camper from Denmark just right. The 45 kg light, folding camper can be namely pull behind the bicycle. Basic facilities include a bed and two benches with a table.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - caravan attached to bike
The 45 kilograms wide path camper can be easily pulled by bicycle. In the simplest version costs 2000 euros. Photo: Wide path camper   Buy it  

The unusual vehicle can be optional with a 10 W solar cell industry. Then, the owner has even current for LED lighting and a 12 V connection. Cost: from €2000 upwards.

7. Flying motorcycle Flike takes off with six propeller engines. You must have it.

Hungarian engineers have developed the flying motorcycle Flike. It is similar to a helicopter. Three double rotors providing lift and make it possible that the pilot can float, rotate, curves, rise and steep dive. Flike has already passed the first test flights and is absolutely safe to use. Now, the engineers want to found a start-up to make the flying motorcycle production.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015
Soon to be produced in series: the flying motorcycle Flike.    Buy it  

8 Mini hydroelectric plant generates electricity for the Smartphone

On trips, it can be annoying when the Smartphone battery is suddenly empty. What to do if all around instead of sockets only trees, meadows and creeks can be found? Answer: Simply put blue freedom into the Creek.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - remote hydro generator
Mobile hydro blue freedom get electrical energy out of each river. Just throw small rotor in water to generate electricity. A Smartphone can be recharged within an hour. Photo: Aquakin/based    Buy it  

The 20 cm small hydroelectric power plant has a turbine power of 5 W. A Smartphone can be completely recharged in an hour.

9. An ecological House with walls made of car tires

In the municipality temple courtyard in Baden-Wuerttemberg is the first Earthship in Germany – ecological building, providing energy. For example, the walls are ideal thermal storage, because they consist of car tyres layered on, which are plastered with clay and filled with Earth.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - eco-house
Earthship by Michael Reynolds. Self-sufficient houses made of recycled material. Photo: Earthship Biotecture

You heat up in the Sun during the day and reflect the heat at night. Ventilation shafts and ventilation window provide cooling in the Somme. Eliminates energy guzzlers such as heating and air conditioning.

10. Office building from the 3D printer

The first full-function ready for Office building in the world in a 3D is to be built in Dubai. A 6 m high 3D printers the 186 m2 to print large building layer by layer. The giant printer can handle reinforced concrete, glass fiber-reinforced gypsum and fiber-reinforced plastic. The construction project is the first major initiative of the “Museum of the future”, that of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been initiated and is scheduled to open in 2017.

10 noteworthy inventions in 2015 - 3d printed office
The Office building made in 3D printer as immediate vicinity of the Museum. Photo: Museum of the Future