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With a hybrid engine for drones engineers from Massachusetts want to increase range and payload technology... Engineering Headlines
Solar technology is made in Germany for use in Singapore. A company produces thin, flexible film with organic solar... Architecture Headlines
End of March starts a special experiment in space: A twin lives a year in space, the other remains on Earth. Then,...
Who's wearing this T-Shirt, never complains about an empty cell phone battery: Dutch Designer Pauline van Dongen has...
How weightlessness affects the immune system at all? DLR researchers want to resolve this issue by using of mussels....
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The Russian air force is allegedly building a new fleet of 80 large transport aircraft. The supersonic jets with a capacity of up to 200 tonnes will have a range of 7000 kilometers. Within a few hours, they could bring 400 battle tanks at any place on Earth.
Chinese researchers are sure: A wholly-owned transition to electric cars could reduce the average...
Siemens has developed a lightweight electric motor, which is still strong and capable of driving...

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A young US company has developed a printer who works often faster and better quality than today's...
The car manufacturer BMW is currently testing a 3D Computer System of the Fraunhofer Institute:...
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