UFO shape yacht Instead of Beach House

The UFO is powered by an electric Torqeedo deep blue engine with Jet Propulsion. The engine is connected to a 40m2 large Foldable Solar Panel on the roof and can obtain additional energy from wind and water turbines located above and below the platform.
Screwdrivers as drive, Skateboards for wheels

A Cordless screwdriver as a drive, and the body of the 3D printer? Eleven student teams from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands have shown at the weekend that you can race with cordless screwdrivers.

While the end of the International Space Station is in sight, the ESA has obviously exciting plans for the next human outpost in space.
Roses improve modern solar cells energy production

Rose not only incredibly look good, they are also adept to get the most sunlight. Researchers have studied the micro-structures of flowers, which designed an organic solar cell.
world's largest sliding doors

33 meters in height and weigh 4,000 tons: the sliding doors of built to Panama Canal, who is moved at the weekend to practicing...
How to use planes to reduce global worming effect

An aircraft leaving contrails in the sky. They are formed when hot, steam-engine exhaust from aircraft encounter cold air