UFO shape yacht Instead of Beach House

The UFO is powered by an electric Torqeedo deep blue engine with Jet Propulsion. The engine is connected to a 40m2 large Foldable Solar Panel on the roof and can obtain additional energy from wind and water turbines located above and below the platform.

359 rotation in mini home from the United States. It can be turned anytime manually or follow the sun as day goes.
Photo: Stuttgart University

Not much for a roof but this structure is impressive. Not only technology but also materials and deep understanding of nature is commonly present. This wooden Pavilion fascinate our senses and showing us how we will build in next decade.
Brilliant Bus-Hotel Service LA-SF is growing

Bus taking passengers with the sleeping cabin from Los Angeles to San Francisco. For $48 you have your own sleeping bed with Wi-Fi and you can...
Artificial Meteor Shower for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Fireworks comes from old school, engineers prefer to make a rocket and shoot into sky thousands of spheres made of different materials to artificially create meteor shower.
HippoCampus 3D Printed Sonda Looking for Pollutants

Hamburg based team of engineers have developed with 3D printer "HippoCampus" unmanned underwater vehicle that feels plastic and other pollutants in the deep sea.

Bureaucracy abounds and many areas of law are wrapped up in multiple layers of complex regulation, all of which can take time to unravel.
Magnificent CME Erupts on the Sun - August 31

The latest test results indicate that without intense solar storm life would never have existed on Earth. Traveling particles rising planets temperature.
India 2 tons shuttle goes on 70 km high in just a few min

Indian Space Agency ISRO May 23 has tested its own reusable rocket ship shuttle. This extraordinary results making NASA looks like incompetent animators.
Mars Planet

Giant tsunami have hit the northern regions of Mars

The latest test results from France and Ecuador show a different object. How is possible that Geo Engineering produce such a mistake?
Complex organisms a billion years older than previously thought

New discovery of researchers suggests that complex and multi-cellular life exists arose 1.5 billion years ago.
Solar Power Plant in Miraah will be used to produce Crude Oil

One of largest solar power plants in the world that develops in Oman, will be used for the production of oil. Solar Power Plant goes for Miraah Crude Oil.