Siemens factory in Berlin: stator of a gearless motor with 6,000 of kW.

ThyssenKrupp and Siemens News

The railway in the copper mine of Cuajone in Peru will be retired soon becaouse of  ThyssenKrupp and Siemens. In News it is replacedby the world’s largest Crusher band builded by ThyssenKrupp and Siemens. Every dayn, will transport 120,000 tonnes of…

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Google has auto industry jolted

Google has auto industry jolted

Google has shaken up with his entry into the autonomous driving the auto industry. Bosch Board Gerhard Steiger, Head of Global Business for assistance systems, so companies like Google considers an asset and not a…

A faded VW logo on wagons before the VW plant Mosel in Zwickau in Saxony: The Economist Mayer sees a risk that VW will break even on the crisis.

VW scandal decline shares value

Volkswagen could threaten the long term by the fraud scandal involving manipulated diesel exhaust emissions the end. Only a radical change in the management structure could save the group yet, is the former chief economist…

Beamers and projectors for home cinema offers the Berlin-based start-up ReBeam. The special feature: Old appliances are bought, revamped and sold low.

Berlin-based start-up ReBeam

They repair old projector that make the living room into a home cinema. Does not sound very exciting. Nevertheless, a Berlin-based start-up has managed to be nominated with this business idea for the prestigious German…

10 longest bridges on the world

The 10 longest bridges in the world

Bridges span not only water or gorges. In a dizzy height they overcome other roads, towns or areas requiring protection. These 10 bridges but are not only helpful, but simply gigantic. We have the 10…

Touchless Screens Development

Touchless Screens

The touchscreen tops himself: Novel displays are already responding to an approaching finger. Touch is no longer necessary. This ensures less wear and contamination and has plus hygienic advantages.